Top Real Estate Websites Guide for your Best Condo Home

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Are you looking for a list of best real-estate websites?

Well, you are in the right place because we will provide you a list of the top real-estate websites that will surely land you to the best condo home of your choice.

Struggle is Real

Choosing among the many properties and real estate developers may be a daunting task for you.

Furthermore, the struggle becomes real when you are deciding for the perfect location of your new home.

For this reason, you need a useful guide at hand to ease your search.

The 5 Top Real Estate Websites

Let us find the best condo come for you!

1. Lamudi Philippines

Remarakbly, Lamudi has successfully marked itself as one of the leading platforms in the Philippines.

For this reason, Lamudi is the most preferred listing website for property seekers.

Are you still unsure where to have your next condo home?

Lamudi has tons of property options to choose from. Subsequently, its over 150,000 listings will surely help you find an ideal condominium, house & lot, and commercial property.

Whether it is for personal use or investment purposes, your next home will surely be found in Lamudi.

Finally, Lamudi provides up-to-date news and information surrounding the real estate market.

Thus, it is beneficial for both buyers and sellers in making their next move.

2. Dot Property Philippines

Interestingly, Dot Property has maximized their online exposure on the web. Hence, they claim being the biggest real-estate website in the country.

Furthermore, Dot Property offers a wide array of available properties. For this reason, you can already make a good estimate of which properties will be a bang for your buck.

Above all, finding your next condo home will feel like a total breeze with Dot Property. It is because Dot Property offers fast and simple online service for renters, buyers, and sellers alike.

3. Hoppler

Hoppler is one of the top real estate brokerages in Metro Manila. Moreover, Hoppler is making its way to the provinces.

Primarily, Hoppler provide services from the initial phase of property search to the final phase of payment assistance.

On the other hand, Hoppler is also mobile friendly to cater for the market segment who uses phones often. This is why they boast for their incredible website traffic.

Lastly, Hoppler has an internal team of brokers in securing a sale as fast as possible.

4. ZipMatch

Zipmatch boasts its proud assortment of verified premium listings accompanied by 360 tour views of the available condos for sale.

Moreover, the layout and approach of Zipmatch in giving information to clients is simple and user-friendly.

What’s more?

Zipmatch has a readily available team of consultants who can lead you into making the righ decision.

What’s unique about Zipmatch is they provide propery rankings in their listings.

5. Property24

Property24, in partnership with (formerly, is one of the Philippines’ top online marketplaces.

They help developers, agencies, brokers and buyers in achieving their goals with regards to their real estate requirements.

Apart from that, the user interface of their website makes it easy for anybody to navigate around.

Collaborative Website Search

All of Property24’s property listing is also reflected on As a result, it further expands the reach of buyers and sellers in finding the right person matched at the right listing.

Having these top real estate websites list is an advantage in finding your perfect condo home.

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