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AllHome Enters into a Move-In Partnership with Camella Manors

Affordable Condo Philippines - Camella Manors - AllHome Partnership

If you are looking for more reasons why condominium living and moving in at Camella Manors is best for you, then let the move-in partnership of AllHome and Camella Manors convince you to it.

As the pioneering ‘one-stop-shop’ home depot and the affordable condominium tied alliances for a move-in partnership, the condominium unit owners of Camella Manors are now entitled to receive the privileges and incentives of AllHome packages and offerings. AllHome move-in packages will serve as a welcome gift for the new members of Camella Manors community. It’s in the same way as the American tradition of a house-warming celebration! The only difference is that the welcome gifts that the new unit owner will receive are personally chosen by him or her.

In addition, the residents of our community will also receive perks and discounts, which they can exclusively avail from AllRewards.

Condominium Living to the Next Level

Elevate your condominium living like no other with the following privileges:

I. AllRewards Cards and Vouchers

Sample AllRewards Card


Perks of Being an AllRewards Member

Affordable Condo Philippines - Camella Manors - Perks and Privileges of an AllRewards member
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

AllRewards is the loyalty and rewards program of AllValue Holdings Corp. AllRewards members can avail the promos and incentives from AllValue brands such as AllHome, AllDay Supermarket, Finds, a Discount Store, AllToys, AllSports, Coffee Project, Bake My Day, Market Liberty, and more. For example, you can have a PHP 250 off voucher when you shop at and (maximum of 3 usages per login account).

Availing the AllRewards Card as a Unit Owner

If you are a full-pledged unit owner of Camella Manors, your AllRewards will be given to you for free! Furthermore, this card has no expiration. Hence, this privilege is for a lifetime.

The Process of Getting the AllRewards Card

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

In order to get your AllRewards Cards, the Sales Admin Representative of Camella Manors will brief about your move-in and its exclusive privileges. On your move-in day, the Sales Admin Representative will give you an “Acceptance Form” that you need to fill-in and sign. Afterward, the Sales Admin Representative will give you a temporary card number that you can already use in availing the merchandise and promotions of AllHome and all its affiliated brands. You just need to download the AllRewards App and Register. Automatically, vouchers will be given upon registration. On the other hand, the activation of the actual card will be within 1 to 2 days.

II. Free Interior Styling Consultation (Appliance and Furniture only)

Styling your Space with AllHome

Where can you get a free interior styling consultation upon moving in to your condominium property? It’s only here in our community!

Indeed, you can reach out to the AllHome Interior Design Team to help you in decorating specific areas of your unit. However, you need to take note that this privilege is only for those unit owners who have NOT bought AllHome items prior to the consultation.

The Styling Consultation includes Furniture Selection, Accessorizing, Set Up and Implementation, and Customized Built-ins such as Bedframes, Nite Tables, Wardrobes, and Kitchen Cabinets/Shelves/Base Extensions.

III. AllHome Move-In Packages for Camella Manors

Affordable Condo Philippines - All Home - Furniture Package for Camella Manors
AllHome Furniture Package for Camella Manors

For as low as PHP 150,000, your condo home will be transformed from being a bare unit to having a complete set of furniture ready to be installed. In addition, you are saved from the worry of interest when you opt to pay via installment since your monthly bills will incur 0% interest once you pay them in full diligently. Take note that this is an exclusive offer when you become a Camella Manors unit owner!

IV. AllHome Appliance Packages for Camella Manors

Affordable Condo Philippines - AllHome - Appliance Package for Camella Manors
AllHome Appliance Package for Camella Manors

Besides, here are the appliance packages you can choose from. With just PHP 2,769 a month, you can already move in with an android tv and air-condition unit. Likewise with the furniture package, you will get 0% interest if you were able to fully pay your monthly bills

Isn’t it more exciting to move into your new condo home with all these move-in packages?

Indeed, the perks and privileges of being a Camella Manors unit owner is something you could look forward to choosing your next home.

What are you waiting for?

Come Home to Camella Manors, NOW.

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