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Easier Connections with Camella Manors and Streamtech Move-In Partnership

Affordable Condo Philippines - Camella Manors and Streamtech Move-In Partnership

The global pandemic has redefined our homes from mere living spaces into multi-functional spaces. Our homes have become our place of work, worship, leisure, learning, and business because staying indoors has become the new norm. Technology has made it possible to continue our usual routine even while at home. However, we cannot truly transform our homes into these kinds of spaces when we lack the most essential of it all, which is a reliable and affordable cable and internet connection. Thankfully, Streamtech is there to make connections easier.

In fact, this is another perk for being a Camella Manors homeowner. Having a stable internet connection in your affordable condo home would really take you to further milestones, especially now that every activity is being done at home. Perhaps, you have experienced the frustration and disappointment of being interrupted while you are zoned in to what you are doing. At the very least, being interrupted is the least of the few things you should not worry, particularly as a homeowner in your affordable condo now that Streamtech is here!

The Most Reliable Cable and Internet Service Provider

How would your life be if you lose connection, especially in this time of pandemic?

First, communication will be difficult so you will not be able to connect to your loved ones here and abroad. Second, it will be a challenge to stay updated with the current events. Third, your children might not be able to attend online classes or submit their requirements on time. Lastly, your priorities will be stalled. As a result, you will not be able to promptly deliver your tasks well now that you are called to work from home.

Clearly, you need a reliable cable and internet service provider such as Streamtech to avoid experiencing the problems mentioned above.

Thankfully, Streamtech is here to provide its reliable cable and internet services, especially to the Camella Manors community.

Being part of the Camella Manors community has a lot of perks and privileges, and part of these are the move-in partnerships with AllHome, and Streamtech.

Streamtech aims to make connections more seamless for it #ExceedLimits as the new telco player in the country. Furthermore, it will be streaming a reliable cable and high-speed fiber internet to offices, establishments, and residential homes.

As a new telecommunications provider in the Philippines, Streamtech is at par in giving a reliable home internet connection because Streamtech offers not only an unlimited fiber internet connection, but also a strong technical team to assist the needs of its subscribers.

There are widely-employed technical teams from Streamtech in order to provide a 48-hour quick installation services for its subscribers, especially to Vista Land and Camella Manors homeowners.

Streamtech Serviceable Areas

Currently, Streamtech has serviceable areas in NCR, Bulacan, Cavite, Batangas, Rizal, Ilocos, Pampanga, Iloilo, Naga, and Nueva Ecija. In the coming years, Streamtech will expand further across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao; giving more Filipinos access to reliable cable and internet services.

Streamtech Move-in Partnership with Camella Manors

Condo in the Philippines - Camella Manors - Streamtech Brochure-min
Condo in the Philippines – Camella Manors – Streamtech Brochure

As part of Vista Land communities, the residents of Camella Manors are entitled to Streamtech’s exclusive offer.

For Camella Manors Homeowners, Streamtech gives you a 48-hour installation privilege. This means that you do not need to wait for so long to have a cable and internet connection in your new home because the installation process is guaranteed to be finished within 48 hours.

Included in the list of Streamtech’s serviceable areas for Camella Manors are the regions of NCR (the upcoming Camella Manors property in Caloocan – Camella Manors Caloocan) and Batangas (Camella Manors Lipa which is located in front of Camella Lipa.)

Making Connections Easier with Camella Manors

What is it like having Streamtech in your Camella Manors home?

If you are in a work from home setup, then having Streamtech’s fiber optic internet service will surely give you ease in browsing. In addition, there will be no lagging and disconnection, particularly when you engage in virtual meetings. Likewise, if you are a starting family, you will be able to binge watch movies and series together. This is all thanks to Streamtech’s internet speed.

Are you tired of watching the same local channels every single day?

Aside from the fast and reliable internet service, Streamtech also has cable subscriptions that you can choose from upon moving-in!

Cable Subscriptions of Streamtech

You can see the complete list of channels in each subscription offering here.

Streamtech: Reliable and Affordable

How affordable are Streamtech services?

For just PHP 1,499, you can already avail a 25 Mbps Internet. On the other hand, you can already avail a cable subscription (38 channels) for only PHP 350 a month. However, if you opt to install both cable and internet services, there are also available subscriptions for that. For instance, you can already have the 20 Mbps internet with cable tv for just PHP 1,499 monthly.

Condo in the Philippines - Camella Manors - Cable and Internet Subscription Fees
Streamtech Brochure

Connect with your loved ones in your affordable condo home

The pandemic has greatly challenged the means of physical touch. Thus, the only way we could constantly reach out to our family and friends is through a reliable and stable internet connection.

Not only does Streamtech help with this, but they also let you have the best of your time with a reliable and stable internet connection. This is why, Streamtech is a premium asset in your affordable condo.

With Streamtech, you can watch all the movies and play all the games that you want without interruption. Moreover, your growth will be in a smooth flow as lagging will not be a frustration anymore.

With a stable and reliable internet connection, you can enjoy your life in your affordable condo even better. Likewise, you can explore more of yourself and your creativity with Streamtech, especially now that there are available online courses you could take for additional skills and growth.

What are you waiting for?

Grab this amazing offer, so come home at Camella Manors, now! Discover what it means to live a life well-lived with Streamtech.

For more information about Streamtech, visit their website here.

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