Instagrammable Wedding Places in Palawan: Say your ‘I do’ in the Best Island of the World

Instagrammable Wedding Places in Palawan - Make your Vows Memorable in the World's Best Island - Camella Manors Verdant - Condo in Puerto Princesa - Affordable Condo in Palawan

“The Last Frontier Place,” which is also known as the Province of Palawan, is the best island in the Philippines. In fact, you can find the Tubataha Reef and the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River here. It has its own natural gas that most big oil companies get from.

Do you remember the Filipino story book entitled “Pilandok”? One of the locations mentioned in Pilandok is Palawan. Pilandok, which is a mouse deer, is a smallest hoofed-animal living in Palawan. Furthermore, Palawan is home to wide variety of flora and sauna. It’s not surprising to know why most Filipinos love to hold their wedding ceremonies on its white-sand beaches, especially that there are plenty of condominiums in Palawan where you are free to choose as your forever home.

Top 4 Instagrammable Wedding Places in Palawan

1. Club Paradise

Instagrammable Wedding Place in Palawan - Club Paradise - Camella Manors Verdant - Condo in Puerto Princesa - Affordable Condo in Palawan
Club Paradise – Wedding Venue Setup | Photo from Club Paradise Palawan

If you are planning a beach wedding during pandemic, problem-solved your plan by checking in at Club Paradise in Coron, Palawan. This venue is one of the most popular resorts in Palawan, especially that customers respond with a good feedback and evaluation about it. It’s a perfect angle and view for your IG feed in which you couldn’t ask for more. Besides, beach wedding is the new trend kind of weddings for this generation and Club Paradise offers a complete set-ups like a wedding mass venue, reception and honeymoon area.

This private island proposed a complete packaging for the wedding including the Beach ceremony setup for the wedding vows, Bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere, Pre-reception cocktail canapes, Reception setup with buffet dinner and one round of drinks, 3-layer wedding cake (2 layers edible) and for the couple, the resort prepares 2-night stay at Sunset Villa Deluxe with meals, round trip Busuanga Airport transfers, one-time relaxing massage and 1-night stay at a Discovery Resort for 1st anniversary.

Have your pre-nup pictorial and vlogs in your room and be free to decorate the wedding location base from your plans and place your wedding easel, arks, curtains, ornaments, flowers and frame. 

In this resort, though several protocols are essential to follow particularly this trying times, you still are free to walk around and be entertained. After the wedding, it’s time for all of you to relax. Spend your time to paddle a boat, roam and swim around the blue waters of the sea and discover different species, corals and sea animals, swim on the resort’s pool (opened for 24 hours). For more romantic scenes, The wife may actually lay down at the beach bed while the husband is putting a lotion for her body in a small nipa hut where you could possibly gaze the beach. Or might as well, hike and follow the trail in the forest, find the hidden beach and eagle’s point. Whether you sense to ride in a e-trike, you may potentially ask the staff to assist you for renting one. Newly wed might also include turtles named hawksbill, lizards, bats and other aquatic creatures for their date.

Furthermore, there are varied delicious foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner such are available and not only sea foods. We are no longer need to use the distributed menus, instead, it’s a wise concept to scan the table’s QR code by the use of your personal cellular phone in such a way that you potentially will access the list of cuisines.

About the room you are about to stay in is truly unique. The resort rest you assured to make your payment worth it, thus, they are offering lovers to occupy an spacious room owns king-sized bed and couch which is able to fit inside, mini-refrigerator, oven, television, veranda with a swing outside. They provide the basic needs, too, for each resident’s house as well as towels, water, tissue and more.

It will be easier for you to manage everything now that personnel are professional enough and in fact knows what they doing. They prepare disinfectants as well beside one’s beach beds and open a water station nearby.

2. Princesa Island Garden Resort and Spa

Instagrammable Wedding Place in Palawan - Princesa Island Garden Resort and Spa - Camella Manors Verdant - Condo in Puerto Princesa - Affordable Condo in Palawan
Princesa Island Garden Resort and Spa | Photo from its Official Website

Make your marriage vows memorable by simply choosing the Princesa Garden Island Resort and Spa from Caniguiran Street, Bancao-bancao Village, as your best wedding package. One of its benefits is The Harbor Wing as a walking distance location from the airport. You must-try to request for fetching and leading you to airport by riding on the Princesa Garden Island’s Traditional Jeepney. 

Wedding is one of the highlights in our lives. Accordingly, we planned them critically and carefully as much as possible. We choose the high quality, yet, average quantity tourist center is better to describe with Princesa Island. From the word itself Princesa, the employees typically serve you properly, most likely if the event is a wedding. The 600-seat capacity Hari ballroom was built for a big occassions like this for reception. Plus, no need to wear uncomfortable gowns and polos’ for the wedding since beach marriage is composed with a simple and refreshing wedding kind of clothes.

Are you a partners whose beach and nature-lover? If yes, you will embrace this scene. The authentic Filipino interior designed the resort with native, corals, Kawayan, debris rocks and woods. The wooden and Kawayan sculptures, walls, ceiling, and chairs in the reception area and lobby longue may well welcome you inside. Near the dining area is the fish pond called Koi Pond. The banquet consists of Kawayan ceiling and chairs. The catering for buffet  contains of assorted cuisines name as Italian Cuisines at Tomato and Basil, Wood Fire-baked Pizza, and more seafoods. Only a proof that wooden-themes never get old for a haunt and never impossible to construct a modern one.

Similar with the Club Paradise, the resort got plenty of plants and trees. The white sand and crystal clear water is such an attraction that you should gape while staying at the beach nipa huts. The creativity of its maker didn’t end yet, the resort also built an overpass bridge in the ocean in order for us to view clearly the whole nature. The boat area where you are allowed to borrow a motorized and non-motorized boat whenever you love to wander around the water is not far-away from the Complimentary Sandbar.

From the resort’s name Princesa, you will indeedly feel the royalty once you swim to their wide infinity pool where you can already play hide and seek together with you family and friends. It composed of 1,640 sqm pool area. From the swimmer’s view, you would appreciate the big picture of well-made villa that was developed. Another, not only the adults might enjoy this site, the children would not get bored anymore by swimming into kiddie and toddler pool or playing around three slides that can be seen near swimming pool. In addition, to make your costs worth it, why not relax more yourself from the Hilot Spa Village or assess the wonder of Hari and Reyna Function Halls.

Resort presents you a dissimilar villas you desire to avail in namely 10 Water Villas (sea area) and the Pool Villa. Renting a villa is one of the most excitement part to wait for most people specifically if the spot is well-organized and well-decorated. Then, this villa won’t embarrass you! Have a private conversation and moments with your love one into a room with king-sized bed, numerous desks and chairs, flat-screen television above the mini-refrigerator, handwoven mat wardrobe that contains of safe box, bathrobe and slippers, fruit-platter, water, coffee and tea are also awaiting you inside and a bathroom provided a bath salt, bath gel and a burner, rain shower and outdoor Jacuzzi and hammock.

Like in condominiums and apartments, this resort spoiled you as they offer you lots of recreational facilities. Sweat yourself at the gym, rent an Stand-up paddle, Kayak and Bike for one-hour, compete your companion with Jumbo Chess, let the kids play at Day Care Center, Art Center and 9-hole Mini Golf, and train yourself at Entertainment Center (Billiards, Darts and Soccer table), have a glimpse of The Ballroom, Hari area, etc.

Suit yourself in this resort that covers a beautiful scenery.

3. Astoria Beach Resort

Are you looking for a wedding venue with complete marriage package, plus big slides pool area, videoke area, zipline, ocean park and fire-dancers entertainment? Perhaps you are looking for the One-Hectre Astoria Beach Resort at barangay San Rafael, City of Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Explore here by transporting a bus, shuttle van, jeepney, motorcycle or any private vehicle. Your teachers in school might keep on mentioning the beauty of Palawan, you will only witness this once you visit it and people who went here filled their summer vacation with sufficient and satisfaction feels.

Aside from that, Astoria could provide the lovers a full ceremony setup for at least 50 visitors including the beach lanterns and gazebo and a classy reception.

Likewise, every built resort has its own forte, nevertheless, Astoria brought you all the entertainment you expect. People who normally visit the resort doesn’t know what to do first since there is a lot of activities you might perhaps do here.

You will not only enjoy the marriage ceremony, nonetheless, the whole time you stay here might bring you a worth remembering events. Make a status that when you enter the lobby, you might feel the swimming vibes inside because of the blue-painted walls.

Astoria makes everything rare. Same with the room were printed color yellow and blue and accommodate a king-sized bed for guest/s, desks, shelf and cabinets where your belongings should be located, lamps, telephone, microwave, blower, refrigerator, free face mask and alcohol, premium fruits and coffee and tableware are all set. Moreover, the veranda is located at the back part of the room. The new husband and wife would have a good time and bonding caused by the comfort and peace of venue.

When going to the swimming pool, you might ask for an e-trike tour and the staff would take you through your destination and will provide you an umbrella. Water park makes this resort more famous considering the 1,700 square meter waving pool that contains of big slides, octopus, whale and other sea creature statues and fountains which are still available up to now. Wander around the resort by riding the St. Paul River Ride, inspired by Underground River, and make yourself safe by borrowing life vests and lifesaver tires sited at the side of the pool whenever necessary. Experience adrenaline rush by sliding at the 20 ft. Velocity Aqua Slides and Vortex Slides with 243 ft. slide-length. And let your kids encounter the fun of pouring large amount of water in the Tumbling Bucket for two minutes. Snorkeling and diving is also allowed the time you want to swim at the beach.

The time you got exhausted swimming, limitless your joy by playing at the ocean park’s bouncing inflatables that can be found from the seashore.

Guests are supposed to choose between A la Carte or buffet in terms of eating meals and the food costs for only 700-peso per head. Complete your adventure by watching a live band and fire dancers who are performing outdoors at night.

For regular guests, save for only 3,500 price good for four individuals with free breakfast and dinner.

As for now, Astoria is remainly closed due to CoVID 19. However, the resort will update us immediately once they finally opened it. Besides, it’s a place worth waiting for.

4. Two Seasons Island Resort and Spa

Instagrammable Wedding Place in Palawan - Two Seasons Island Resort and Spa - Camella Manors Verdant - Condo in Palawan
Two Seasons Island Resort and Spa | Photo from Two Seasons Coron Island Resort and Spa Facebook Page

If you are done striving the activities above and you are an engaged couple whose searching for a brand new entertainment and a peaceful and contemporary wedding settings, Two Island Resort is waving for you. Do you know that it considered as the first eco-friendly luxurious island resort in Coron?

Partners would surely have a hard time to pick what’s the best bungalow they should select. They are offering a Seaview Bungalow, Mountain Bungalow, Beach Bungalow, SeaView Deluxe Bungalow, Island Trip Bungalow, SandBar Bungalow. For the newly wed, best to encounter first the Kayangan Lake. Anyway, it takes 45-minute boat ride before when arriving into this eco-friendly resort.

The personnel might introduce the Pawikan Sports Center and Marine Sanctuary where you can attempt to ride on a Molokini Tranparent Kayak, Surfing, Hydrobob Submersible Scooter and Wreck Diving. Acknowledge the luxurious-looks of Bahura bar where you can take a rest and taste different types of drinks. Your tummy would definitely jump out when you identify the feast offerings in Sulu Restaurant like the specialty Cod Steak with Saffron Cream Sphere Sauce, Cocktail Onion, Smoked Bacon Sand, Red and Black Caviar, Salmon Sous Vide and Wasabi Ice Cream with Umami Dust, Calamansi Ice Cream with Coron Honey and Bacon Ice Cream. Since the wedding bring you so much of work, rejuvenate yourselves while massaging every parts of your body at Narra Spa.

Remember that Kris Aquino visit here and commend this beautiful bungalow? It’s well-deserved to be recommend in Kris TV this wonder place.

All in Lifestyle Package and Home in Palawan Island

Camella Manors Verdant Walkthrough

As you celebrate the marriage as a groom and bride in a resort, you probably decide to remain in Palawan for more journey to take or you might want to settle here for good as you appreciate its beauty or chose to be a future investor. In that case, Camella Manors Verdant open doors for all those who needs the best tenant to settle/rent in! The Verdant is the novel and budget-friendly mid-rise condo brand of Vista Land I from Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The clerical and exemplary of the condominium can’t deny as you can purchase all your needs as well from the conveniently, beside the commercial business and tourism centers which is difficult to find from resorts. See the details of amenities namely the swimming pool, two-story clubhouse, play park for kids, commercial area and fitness gym.

The studio unit has offer you a neat and organized features as well as two bedroom units, balcony, dining area, living room, modular kitchen with food cabinet, toilet and bath with washer and dryer. Building features includes elevator, CCTV cameras, water alarm system, and electric perimeter fence.

When there’s an ultimate resort for a wedding, there should also be an ultimate condominium in Palawan and we called it Camella Manors Verdant.

The start of your journey as husband and wife will be remarkable, since you are not the only one who enjoyed the place, but also your family and guests. It’s not a mundane wedding where you will attend mass and eat food at reception, nonetheless, a perfect getaway would also lead you into a varied activities.

Wedding occurred once in your life and make it as magical as possible!

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