How to Fix Most Common Paint Problems Inside a Condo Unit

Most Common Paint Problems inside a Condo | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors

If you are someone who opts to purchase a ready for occupancy or RFO condo unit in the Philippines or even someone who plans to do a makeover in one’s own RFO condo design, you must be aware of how you can appropriately do one of the most important elements for your home, your wall paint.

If you are planning to do your wall paint on your own without any professionals help, identifying the future problems can save you much of the cost before encountering the most common dilemma for wall paints.

We get that renovation shows to suggest to you how easy painting a wall can get and why would you ask for professionals to eventually paint it for you. However, even professionals can have the same problem as ‘do-it-yourself’ homeowners do.

Properly address some of these most common wall paint problems in the future for your condo unit health. Here are some solutions you can try or do eventually when a makeover comes along for your condo investment.


You can see a bubble normally forms on your wall right after painting it. Well, that is a blister. Blistering is usually caused by drawn-out moisture from the part of the wall the paint is applied on. When someone does the paint during high humidity, blisters can occur more.

Blistering of Wall Paint | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Blistering of Wall Paint | Photo from This Old House

Repair and Prevention

Avoid painting your wall under a high humidity level or if the dew point level during the time is high. We can say that dew point and humidity level increases during summer so you might want to set a good time or season for your makeover.

You can make sure that the area to be painted is dry before application. It is recommended to have ventilation inside a condo unit. You should also choose the best and appropriate primer undercoat for your wall.


Chalking is seen when the loosely based powder is formed in painted walls. This common problem is much associated with low-quality brands of paint or extremely bright paint colors. These types of paint are somehow formulated with too many pigment extenders.

Meanwhile, chalking can also be caused by too much thinning of a particular paint during application.

Wall Paint Chalking | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Wall Paint Chalking | Photo from Renoquotes

Repair and Prevention

Choose the best quality of paints especially when using brighter colors for your condo walls. It is best to scrape out the affected part and evenly repaint the area using quality paint.


This is another case of over-thinning the paint upon application to the condo walls. Cracking is usually associated with vein-like lines that appear to at least one coat. Initially, these cracks are small and thin but grow deeper and even wider.

 Wall Cracks inside a Condo | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Wall Cracks inside a Condo | Photo from Kelly Mccrimmon in Unsplash

Repair and Prevention

If the damage is extensive, it is best recommended to repaint the whole affected area of the wall. Scrape, sand and feather the affected area before repainting it.

Choose the best paint and use the recommended formulation for the type of wall you have.


Molding happens when the area has no proper ventilation and without an adequate level of sunlight touching the area, a few fungi grow in that area usually seen as colored black, brown, grey, or green.

Paint without a good solution to bacteria build-up can be the best target of fungal growth on the walls.

Molds in a Wall | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Molds in a Wall | Photo from Wallpaper from the 70s

Repair and Prevention

Scrape the affected area with vinegar to initially kill the mold spores. Install proper ventilation areas to eliminate the chances of regrowth of the mold. You might also apply a coat of stain-blocking primer for more chances of a secured wall paint interior.


Yellow pigmentation appears when there is no sufficient level of sunlight touching the painted area. It is also advisable to redo paint as naturally old painted walls fades its color or turns yellowish through time.

Yellowing of Wall Paint Inside Condo | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Yellowing of Wall Paint Inside Condo | Photo from Free Stock Textures

Repair and Prevention

Repainting should be done when the damage is excessive. Scrape out the affected area and choose the most appropriate type of paint to reapply.

It recommended studying the sunlight path inside your condo unit, areas where low to no sunlight touches should be using acrylic-based paints for the walls and avoid oil-based or alkyd paints.


One of the most common wall paint problems to any condo unit is peeling. It is characterized by the shedding-off of an outer paint layer from an initial paint layer. It can be rooted in the loss of adhesion between the coat and paint.

Peeling Wall Paint | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Peeling Wall Paint | Photo from The Blowup in Unsplash

Repair and Prevention

Remove the affected area by scraping and smoothen out by sanding. Reapply the paint with high-quality acrylic-based paint and you might also do a primary coat or undercoat.


Wrinkles appear on areas where paint is heavily applied or result when the second coat is applied even before the primary coat has not dried out completely.

This type of wall paint problem can also occur when a damaged wall paint area from dew, rain, and high humidity level is left uncured.    

Wrinkling Wall Paint | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors
Wrinkling of Condo Unit Wall Paint | Photo from Gharpedia

Repair and Prevention

Let the base coat dry out fully before applying the second coat of paint. Evenly distribute the paint and allow extra time for the paint to dry and dampen.

The Common Solutions to Condo Design Paint Problems

These common wall paint problems inside a condo unit are arguable because of the lack of knowledge and diligence in one’s work. The most common resolutions from these problems are to select a high-quality paint, allowance of time for drying, and the selection of appropriate techniques to be followed.

1. Better to high-grade paint products
2. Sufficient drying time
3. Sunlight mapping and proper ventilation
4. Choice of appropriate paint type

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