Condo Hacks: How to Handle Condo Problems During The Rainy Days

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As we bid farewell to our sultry summer days, the rainy season has officially announced its arrival with heavy downpours and cloudy skies. It’s the perfect time to put on some jazz music and enjoy a bowl of champorado or a cup of brewed coffee while getting cozy in bed with a good book.

You think it’s all nice and dreamy to revel in this sweater weather until reality hits you that necessary preparations have to be made for the wet season—which also comes with floods, traffic jams and several other inconveniences.

Earlier in June, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) declared the onset of the rainy season in the country with the passage of Tropical Storm Dante and widespread rainfall, as cited in several reports. In a press statement, the state weather bureau also reminded the public to “take precautionary measures against the impacts of the rainy season.”

If you’re living in a vertical community, you may have a slight advantage because condominiums are rarely affected by floods and you don’t need to worry about roof repairs. But don’t get too complacent as no one is totally exempted from common rainy day problems. You still have to brace yourself, especially for the onslaught of super typhoons and other natural disasters.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your condo during the wet season is one of the major challenges for you as a unit owner. Muddy shoes, damp clothes and dripping umbrellas are just some of the things that can spell trouble in your place in the long run. You don’t want your home to be foul-smelling and dirty, which can even cause health problems for your family.

You also want to avoid any serious damage to the property in these months of torrential rains and thunderstorms. What are the usual troubles to anticipate as a condo dweller during the rainy days and how can you handle it? How do you create a routine to stay safe, clean and warm? In this list of condo living hacks, we’ll give you some essential tips on how to get yourself and your home ready for the rainy season.

Inspect Your Condo for Possible Leaks and Stagnant Pools of Water

Dealing with water leaks is one of the typical problems for condo owners during the rainy season. Inspect your condo unit for roof leaks that can be a nightmare during typhoons, especially if you’re occupying the upper floors of the building. Look for possible moisture intrusion and dark stains on your walls and ceiling, which can even cause the growth of molds. Seeing bubbled up paint can also mean that excessive moisture is coming in.

This can magnify into a bigger problem if left unattended, so check your unit on a regular basis and notify the management about certain leak spots to get them fixed immediately before a big storm comes. Make sure that your windows are tightly sealed, waterproof and leak-free to keep rainwater from entering your home or else, it can damage your flooring and cause slipping accidents. It may also lead to further leaks to the units on the lower floors.

In addition, watch out for pools of water that build up on your window sills and balcony, and get rid of them at once. Aside from causing bad smell, stagnant water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects; it’s an ideal environment for them to lay their eggs and thrive, putting your whole family at risk of contracting serious diseases. Clean and wipe down the wet surfaces and disinfect the area to eliminate viruses, germs and bacteria. You can also buy an essential oil diffuser to keep your home fragrant while you enjoy its therapeutic benefits.

Hang Your Wet Clothes & Don’t Let Them Pile Up

Another usual condo problem that you should address is handling your wet garments. During these lazy rainy days, it can be tempting to just toss our wet clothes into the laundry basket or leave them on the floor to dry until our next visit to the laundromat. But damp things buried in the hamper can be smelly if they stay in there for long. They are even prone to developing molds. Doing this can also cause damage or discoloration to your favorite clothes, especially when they’re not properly segregated. To avoid this, hang your wet clothes first to allow them to dry or you can also wash them right away with the washing machine. Remember to not let your load of wet laundry sit too long in the washer as an unpleasant odor is likely to develop!

Put Up an Area For Your Wet Shoes & Umbrellas

Wet and muddy shoes bring in all sorts of dirt, debris and germs from the outside. You don’t want your condo floor to be teeming with all the disgusting stuff that the soles of your kicks have collected from the streets. To prevent this mess, make it a habit to take off your shoes before entering your unit and designate an area where you can place your wet and muddy footwear while waiting for it to dry up. Don’t immediately store it inside a closed cabinet as this can cause a stinky smell. Always have an extra pair of slippers to put on when you’re at home, so you don’t have to use the same footwear that you wore outside indoors.

In some condos, you’re not allowed to leave anything outside your unit, so you have no option but to bring your grubby shoes inside. What can you do about this? Put a shoe rack or a boot tray by the front door where you will leave your footwear as soon as you enter before cleaning it later on. Place rags to help absorb the drippings from your rain-drenched shoes and prevent damage in your flooring. Check also if there’s a designated place at the lobby to drop your wet umbrella. If there’s none, have your own umbrella stand in your mudroom area to keep your floor safe and dry.

Bring Your Plants Indoors

Despite not having your own yard or garden as a condo dweller, you’ve probably been a low-key plantito or plantita during the quarantine period. Even with a limited space, you might have maintained a green corner in your balcony with a couple of potted plants to relieve you from stress and anxiety. We know that rainwater is beneficial for plants, however, excessive rainfall can also be detrimental to them. In case of heavy downpour, bring them indoors temporarily to keep them from being uprooted, having damaged leaves or getting knocked down by strong winds, especially when there’s a typhoon. You also don’t want to see your precious pots, furniture, decors and other things on the balcony to get ruined, so take them in before the storm.

Place your plants next to your window where they can get some sunlight if the weather continues to be dull and rainy. You can also collect rainwater in buckets and use it to water your plants. Once the sky finally clears up, give your plants some fresh outdoor air and acclimate them outside by placing them to a nicely shaded spot in your balcony. Gradually allow them to enjoy a little sunshine until they are well-adjusted in the setting.

Keep You Condo Clean

Do a general cleaning in your condo regularly to keep it free from germs, viruses, molds and mildew. Use a household cleaner with soap or detergent on surfaces to get rid of germs and virus particles. Disinfect and use diffusers to eliminate the pungent smell in your place during the wet season. You may also place a mat on the floor especially in the main door of your unit, as well as in the balcony door and bathroom to keep your floor and your feet dry and clean. Don’t forget to dispose of your trash regularly to avoid ants and other insects that want to feast on your leftovers.

Prepare an Emergency Kit & Stock Up on Groceries

You wouldn’t wish to brave the heavy rain or get stranded on flooded streets while heading to the supermarket just to buy your essentials. But you don’t want to starve in your condo unit either. This rainy season, don’t wait for a storm warning before you decide to replenish the supplies in your pantry. If you have prepared your survival kit and necessities ahead of time, you could just chill in bed and stay safe indoors during stormy days in case your class or work got suspended.

What are the rainy season must-haves that you’ll need to store in your condo? Some of these are: food (including those which are ready-to-eat), water (for drinking and cleaning), medicines, flashlight, extra batteries, fully charged power bank, rechargeable gadgets, transistor radio, first aid kit, toiletries and hygiene kit, whistle, candles and matches, rain gear (umbrella, raincoat, rain boots), extra clothes and blankets. If you have pets in the condo, don’t forget to prepare all their needs in advance as well. Have all your important documents, IDs, cards and cash secured in a waterproof bag beforehand so you can just grab it in case of emergency evacuation. You can also purchase some books and board games to keep your family entertained at home during the gloomy weather.

Before buying a condo unit, it’s best to conduct intensive research to find out if the location of the property and the roads leading to it are prone to flooding and if the building is safe from rain-related damage. Aside from this, consider if it can further safeguard you from other natural disasters. For example, Northpoint by Camella Manors in Davao has a solid bedrock ground. Its soil structure has a foundation that can resist a 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

Want to Invest in Resort-themed Condo in Davao?

Nestled in the heart of Metro Davao, Northpoint by Camella Manors is a British-Kiwi themed condo property at JP. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City. Because of its strategic location in Southern Mindanao’s regional center, Northpoint has an advantage of high potential returns on investments.

Northpoint, a ready for occupancy condo in Davao, is the first and only vertical pine community in Mindanao. This resort-themed condominium in the “King City of the South” is beautifully adorned with imported Carribean pine trees from New Zealand.

With an average volume of 78,000 pounds of oxygen given off by these trees, you can indulge yourself in calming views with a dose of health benefits. These natural greeneries are complemented by the luxurious British architecture of the 5,220-sqm condo village.

Northpoint has five towers: Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham and Bradford. The views from the top floors of the buildings are divine—you’ll see a breathtaking backdrop of Samal Island as you sip your morning coffee. Not to mention, the picturesque nature and cityscapes in the “Crown Jewel of Mindanao.”

Don’t miss the one-of-a-kind chance of exploring Northpoint’s posh amenities like the salinized pool, kiddie pool, fitness gym, sky courts, atriums, kids’ playground, clubhouse terrace, function area and 24/7 security. If you want to have an authentic fine dining experience with your loved ones, check out the fantastic food and historical ambience in The White House, an old heritage house inside Northpoint’s project area.

Northpoint Davao is just a 2-hour flight away from Manila and a 15-minute ride from Davao International Airport. This condo for sale is considered as a “10-minute community,” where business hubs, places of worship, health centers, universities, malls and a future commercial strip of its own are within reach.

This affordable condo in Davao was also awarded as the Best Residential Development in Davao during the Philippine Property Awards 2016.

Expect a plethora of attractive investment opportunities in this highly-urbanized city, which is the heart of trade, commerce, tourism, education and finance in the Southern Philippines. Buying a condo in Davao can be a great source of passive income or it can also be your next family home.

Flexible payment methods are available for your convenience. For reservations and inquiries about the property, visit the Camella Manors’ official website by clicking here.

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