E-sports: The Pandemic-Proof Gaming Industry in the Philippines

E-sports industry in the Philippines - Camella Manors

Despite the devastation of the global pandemic, E-sport has become a booming global industry; with a very promising investment potential ahead. With its massive following around the world, constant gaming experience updates, and competitive innovations of the high-tech companies; it looks like this multi-million dollar gaming industry will not subside anytime soon.

E-sports, which stands for “electronic sports”; is a sport to watch that turns internet gaming into a competitive sport. Watching a professional sporting event is similar to witnessing a physical event, except that instead of viewing a physical event, spectators watch video gamers compete against one another in a virtual setting for entertainment.

Just as traditional sports fans enjoy watching top athletes perform at the top of their craft, the same is true of those who watch top video gamers compete.  

It covers competitions across a number of video games; similar to how traditional sports feature competitions in baseball, basketball, and football. Contrary to popular belief, e-sports is not just a fad that occurs in the basements of unemployed twenty-somethings; it is a legitimate industry that is developing globally and is investable.

Also, this industry includes not just classic sports games like NBA2K and FIFA, but also—and perhaps more importantly—games like League of Legends, Mobile Legends, Call of Duty, and Dota 2. Subsequently, individual gamers can either stream themselves playing for money; or join larger organizations to compete for large financial rewards, as we’ll describe later.

Players can interact with fans via social media, live-streaming platforms, and in-person during events. In other words, fans can follow and watch their favorite teams compete in regional and international tournaments. This ecosystem is surrounded by many technology platforms, services, events, analytics platforms, and huge investor capital as it continues to grow.

Let’s take a quick look at the booming business of the pandemic-proof e-sports industry in the Philippines; and how it helped shaped our economic landscape today.

E-sport in the Philippines

The Philippines has the second biggest number of Mobile Legends players, coming after Indonesia, according to JJ Lin, the esports manager for Montoon in a report by ABS-CBN in August 2019.

Montoon is the game developer behind the hugely popular Mobile Legends (also called ML), which has also quite the following in the country. Also, it has gotten so big that we now have an MLBB Professional League, the first professional Mobile Legends league, which is now in its sixth season.

e-games industry in Philippines - Camella Manors
E-games industry in Philippines – Camella Manors | photo from

Professional Filipino gamers have been competing in events over the past few months.

From November 15 to 17, the first Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship, called M1, was held in Malaysia; with EVOS Sports of Indonesia being crowned the first-ever MLBB champion. Eventually, the competition featured sixteen teams from around the world; with two groups, Sunspeak, and ONIC Philippines.

More recently, the Philippines bagged its first-ever esports gold medal in the 30th Southeast Asian Games thanks to Sibol Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team, beating world champion Indonesia. As a result, the country took home three gold medals in total for that run; the two medals came from wins in DOTA 2 and Tekken 7 games.

E-sports College Program in the Philippines

The Lyceum of the Philippines University, Manila Campus; has officially launched its Bachelor of Science in Esports degree last year.

The curriculum was developed in partnership with Tier One Entertainment; an Esports and Gaming entertainment company. According to LPU Manila, the Bachelor of Science in Esports focuses on the back-end or business of Esports. Later on, the 4-year course comprises two tracks are made available: Esports Management and Game Design and Development.

The university is also offering a 2-year program leading to an Associate in Esports and Game Design.

Esports Management covers fundamental concepts of Esports management and will teach students management and organization, planning and team management, and business skills. The program also enables the students to develop business plans and organize events utilizing online streaming, marketing, and advertising events through digital technology.

Online Games - Camella Manors
Online Games – Camella Manors | photo from

Top E-games in the Philippines

Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer-online-based arena game that came out in November 2016. Being the hottest game to date, The usual game mode has two five-member teams competing with the objective of destroying the base of the enemy before they do. Each player can control a selectable character or Hero, each with individual abilities and traits.

There are around a hundred of heroes to choose from; and they can either fall under any of these six classes: tank, fighter, assassin, mage, marksman, or support. As a strategy, it’s best to ensure that your team is well-rounded in terms of these classes for better chances of winning. Additionally, you can also select your Emblem setup, Battle Spells, and Gear.


You might recall DOTA from your high school days, and yes, the PC-only game now has a sequel. In DOTA 2, you have to gather gold, gain experience, and destroy the rival team’s Ancient to win the game. It’s often said that DOTA 2 is quite complicated and has a steep learning curve; so it’s recommended to get started with Single Draft, where you choose three random characters, which limits the pool selection (DOTA 2 features over a hundred heroes) and makes it less daunting for beginners.

Available on Steam.

Call of Duty

This first-person shooter game is said to “offer a greatest hits tour of the franchise’s most popular multiplayer modes.” It appeals to fans of the Call of Duty video games from the early 2000s and even those who are new to the franchise. The mobile release has three modes: Multiplayer, Zombies, and Battle Royale.

In multiplayer, you have Team Deathmatch; where you suit up with a team and go against opposing teams to earn points; and Search & Destroy, where you team up and, well, destroy the enemy.

Available on iOS and Android.

Players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG)

If you are a fan of the famous Japanese cult hit Battle Royale; check out the online multiplayer battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG); which takes inspiration from the said film. As it is in the movie, the main objective is to be the last player standing (or team; you can play as a duo and as a four-member team, too).

Each game starts with a hundred players dropping on the map; note that you can select your landing location. Once players land, they can go around the area to collect supplies and fight other players to be the ultimate survivor. Fun fact: This game has been downloaded more than 600 million times!

Available on iOS and Android.

How to Earn Money on E-sports

Becoming a top esports player is no simple achievement. To rise through the ranks, players specialize in a specific game, developing their skills through extensive, competitive play. Some even train up to 14 hours a day to hone quick reflexes and multi-tasking abilities. Talented players primarily have two options in pursuing their esports careers:

booming esports in Philippines - Camella Manors
booming esports in Philippines – Camella Manors | photo from

E-sports Streaming

  • Gamers who livestream themselves as they play video games are referred to as “streamers.” This is typically done in casual play. While streaming can be incredibly profitable, many streamers have to decide whether they want to stream for a living or try and play professionally and run the risk of making less money. With that said, not all streamers have the skill to play professionally. Instead, some simply have “streaming personalities” that viewers find entertaining to follow, donate to, and subscribe to.
  • This can create impressive revenue streams for the most successful.
  • For example, the most popular YouTube channel in the world belongs to a video game streamer who goes by the name of “PewDiePie.” He has such a polarizing style that viewers often find him either “highly delightful or incredibly annoying,” and currently has close to 57 million YouTube subscribers. In 2015, he reportedly made $7.4 million.

Playing E-sports Professionally 

  • Apparently, the few who rise to the professional level compete in tournaments all around the world against the best teams. During the journey, they usually build up a fan base for themselves as well as for the teams and organizations they play for (analogous to Lebron James having a following whether he’s at the Heat or the Cavaliers). Successful pro gamers can earn six figure salaries or even millions.
  • Top players often start professionally around age 16 or 17, and then tend to retire around age 24. Of course, there is variation across different games and publishers, but esports professionals generally start and end their careers much earlier than the average professional athlete. Retired esports professionals may opt to stream themselves, coach esports teams, start their own team, work for publishers, or finish their involvement with esports.

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Camella Manors Caloocan - Commercial Perspective | Affordable Condo in Caloocan
Camella Manors Caloocan – Commercial Perspective | Affordable Condo in Caloocan

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