North Caloocan: The Growing Alternative Area of Metro Manila

Camella Manors Caloocan - Condo with nearby establishments

Heavy road traffic, congestion, and limited land resources have become important impediments for the business sector in Metro Manila; as it continues to attract businesses and infrastructural expansions. That is why many firms are now looking for alternative areas to expand their business operations in less congested sections north of the capital city – North Caloocan.

It isn’t just corporations that are on the lookout.

Families and individuals are also looking for a new site that is a little further away from the metro’s congested districts and where they can live comfortably and conveniently.

These inconveniences and bottlenecks paved the way for North Caloocan to emerge as the newest alternative location for businesses and residences, thanks to its strategic position, infrastructure advancements, and expansive land areas.

Because of these, the city is quickly becoming Metro Manila’s newest investment destination and most sought-after residential location. Both commercial and residential real estate are looking to the north for new, hopeful growth, which is already underway in North Caloocan.

Today, the term “new” is now synonymous with “north.”


The “New Caloocan”

Caloocan City is the fourth most populated highly urbanized city in the Philippines, behind Quezon City, Manila, and Davao City, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). In the 2020 Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index; the city was also ranked among the top 10 most competitive cities in the Philippines in the highly urbanized city category.

While the southern portion of Caloocan City is now a highly developed location. the northern part of the city is still in the early stages of development in terms of infrastructure, economy, and business.

On the other hand, North Caloocan would not take long to catch up to its southern counterpart; given its current rapid economic growth rate. With this, we anticipate big things from North Caloocan in the future.

Furthermore, Vista Land and Lifescapes’ new project will provide the Camarin area with AllHome and AllDay establishments that will benefit its residents.

These stores will be located next to Camella Manors, forming the area’s first mixed-use development.

MRT 7 in Caloocan City | Camella Manors

North Caloocan: Emerging Business Hub in Metro Manila

With its strategic location, North Caloocan is expected to become a key investment destination; as businesses expand throughout Metro Manila.

Moreover, despite the fact that the investments are not as big as those in other nearby cities such as Quezon City, early investors will be able to obtain the most of the prize.

In addition, shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets, restaurants and conveniences, and real-estate property developments; such as housing and condominium projects are among the upcoming and ongoing infrastructure projects.

Also, there are lots of shopping malls and supermarkets in the city; like SM Center Sangandaan; soon-to-open SM City Grand Central (replacing the former Ever Gotesco Grand Central); Victory Central Mall, Araneta Square; Zabarte Town Center; Holiday Island Mall; Savemore Market; SM Hypermarket; and Puregold.

Meanwhile, banking in Caloocan is also convenient as there are several branches here like Metrobank; BDO; Maybank; BPI; and China Bank. Aside from commercial properties, there are other important infrastructures in Caloocan enjoyed by the residents; like schools and communal facilities.

The city is home to the University of the East Caloocan; La Consolacion College-Caloocan; Manila Central University; and the University of Caloocan City.

Additionally, for sports fans and athletes, there’s the Caloocan Sports Complex, which hosted games of the ASEAN Basketball League; Philippine Super Liga; and Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League.

Aside from building projects, it continues to improve its communication and transportation sectors by expanding infrastructure on a network of roads; railroads; and expressways.


A Blend of City & Suburban Life in North Caloocan

On top of its business-friendly environment, it also offers a convenient; comfortable; and peaceful lifestyle for its residents.

Being on the outskirts of Metro Manila has its advantages; people can enjoy a harmonious blend of city and suburban living; as North Caloocan is still greener than its neighboring cities.

In addition, people who feel the desire to be surrounded by nature will find it at La Mesa Eco Park; and other green areas around Caloocan.

Thus, this is what draws real estate developers to the area to build housing and condo communities; since people nowadays are looking for houses that offer them not only a luxurious lifestyle; but also a community that is close to nature.

Moreover, with the trend of improving and adding green spaces and pocket parks across the metro; it is expected that North Caloocan will be able to preserve and improve its natural green environment; while embracing the fast & vast development in this region, even after 5 years.

A Lifestyle Within Reach at Camella Manors Caloocan

With the abovementioned factors, now is the ideal time to invest, move, and reside in North Caloocan with Camella Manors!

Camella Manors Caloocan is the first mixed-use condo development in North Caloocan.

Discover the new side of Caloocan City with Camella Manors.

Camella Manors Caloocan Perspective
Camella Manors Caloocan Perspective

Located in the progressive area of Camarin Road in North Caloocan, this 5-tower residential property has its own commercial complex; which is ideal for those who are searching for a holistic and convenient condo living experience. 

Invest in Caloocan and reap the benefits of the economic boom and business-friendly environment of one of the richest cities in the Philippines. Buying an affordable condo in Caloocan is an ideal choice for those who want to generate passive income through real estate investing.

Hence, Camella Manors Caloocan takes pride in being the first mixed-use condo development in North Caloocan, changing the landscape of real estate in Metro Manila.

Aside from the strategic location, it also features functional amenities; such as a swimming pool, clubhouse, function hall, fitness gym, playpark, jogging path, and garden roof deck. 24/7 security is provided to maintain a safe space to live.

Furthermore, you will surely enjoy a life well lived in the city-suburban setting; surrounded by a positive community of businessmen, investors, and Overseas Filipino Workers. If you want to use your unit as an investment to earn passive income, Vista Leasing Services can help manage it for you.

Get a chance to live outside the box at Camella Manors Caloocan!

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