How to Choose the Floor Level when Buying a Condo in the Philippines?

How to Choose Condo Floor Level when Buying

Condo in the Philippines are offered in different development heights from low-rise to high-rise but considering which type of condo to invest in will still end up in choosing the right floor location inside the condo building.

The right floor for a condo investment might also be tough for a few investors after weighing some prequalification such as the location, brand, amenities, and others. And to help you in choosing the next step in finding your condo unit on the most appropriate floor for you here are some important things you need to know before choosing the right floor for you.

Choose the Floor with the Best View

View from the inside of Condo Unit
View from the inside of Condo Unit | Phtoo from Steven Ungermann in Unsplash

Buying a condo and choosing its location or floor level is important if you wish to experience and see the best possible view of the city, the green, and verdant landscapes, the breath-taking cerulean oceans, or any view you wish to welcome you every daylight in the evening on your window or balcony.

Although, when you opt to buy in the metro choosing the best condo with a good view might be limited because of the towering buildings that are also present in a condominium circumference. Yet if you may have a slight chance of getting a good view of the landscapes then your option should be from the top levels.

Meanwhile, if you missed out on the chances then you might be leaning towards the most ideal option to have a condo unit facing the amenity area which you can see if the property had it developed in an open space rather than having the amenities located in a floor of the building.

Check the Price of Each Floor

Price of Condo Unit from Lowest to Highest Floor Location
Price of Condo Unit from Lowest to Highest Floor Location | Photo from Kaja Sariwating in Unsplash

Keeping track of the price of the condo unit will also be dependent on the location level or floor of the unit for sale. The best condo units with the nicest view are generally the most priced unit.

When you are looking for the most affordable priced condo unit you might start looking at the condo units available on the lowest floor. Although, in some cases, prices may still vary with certain factors such as the level of the lowest units are also the location of the amenities and other conveniences then it is more likely that the prices will also be of much value.

On the other hand, you can expect that the price of condo units located on the upper floors may also increase as you go higher especially with new condo developments.

Pick the Ease of Access

Elevator Traffic inside a Condo Building
Elevator Traffic inside a Condo Building | Photo from Edwin Chen in Unsplash

If the elevator or stair traffic is one of the few concerns, you are looking at when you opt to invest or buy a condo unit then lower-level condo units will be the most appropriate for you. It is also common for most developers to give the most affordable prices to those condo units located at the lowest level.

When you are living with the elderly or persons with disabilities, then the first to third-floor condo units will be much ideal. At any emergencies where elevator systems are suspended then working your way out of the building will not be a problem.

Find the Direction the Unit is Facing

Oh yeah, we are still talking about the right condo floor number here but a few investors will also be looking at which direction is the condo unit facing. If you are someone who will love to see good lighting picking up each morning, then the floor recommended for you is somewhere in between the middle to the highest floors where sunlight can come in easily. But this will not happen when the direction of your condo unit will be facing towards the west.

This can be a common scenario when you are paying importance to feng shui where directions can bring either good or bad luck. However, aside from the direction, the floor numbers in the country are also a reflection of how the developers believe the numbers can bring luck these explains the absence of floor 13 in most of the buildings in the country. 

See if Noise can be a Villain

Buying a condo in the city cannot anymore give you the privacy you wanted to have at home because of the noise from the cars, people, and other external things. Most condo developers build residential buildings within business districts where people are usually going in and out which builds up public noises.

When you wish to have privacy even when you are residing in a condo building in the city then selecting or buying a condo unit located at the topmost level can give you the privacy and relaxation you wish to have.

Having to be on the top floor can reduce the noise coming into your condo unit from the busy streets below the building. But if you are afraid of being on the top floor, then choose a unit that is located at the corner of the least accessed spot for common traffic will also be appropriate.

Start Finding the best Condo Unit at the Best Floor

Resort Condo in Caloocan - Camella Manors
Pre Selling Resort-themed Condo in Caloocan | Camella Manors Caloocan

If you are eyeing to find the best condo in the Philippines right now, then you may start looking at some pre-selling condo options available. Problems such as the thin selection of available units usually happen when the condo building is almost as good as sold out or at its ready for occupancy stage.

You can no longer expect that such developments can still offer you a good number of condo units for sale to any floor you may want to invest. But, finding that investment will be easier when looking at pre-selling options where the availability is still at a good number.

In this way you can pick the best condo unit at the best possible view, price, access, direction, and less noise.  Check out the pre-selling condo units for sale at Camella Manors and come home to a life well-lived at Camella’s brand of midrise condo villages in the Philippines.

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