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Where is the Prime Investment Address of Davao City?

Prime Investment Address of Davao City

The vertical pine estate community, Northpoint Davao, remains to be located at the most prime investment address in Metro Davao says information from an official property consultancy and advisory company in the Philippines.

Northpoint Davao is strategically located along Jose P Laurel Avenue, Bajada which is currently the central business district of Davao City. Moreover, the address of this RFO or ready for occupancy condo for sale in Davao takes several advantages of its premier location accessing towards numbers of establishments such as malls, groceries, banks, hospitals, universities, schools, and universities, etc.

Investment Address of JP Laurel Avenue

Prime Investment Address of Davao City in JP Laurel Avenue
Prime Investment Address of Davao City in JP Laurel Avenue | Photo from Paul Szewczyk in Unsplash

Aside from the few remaining RFO or ready for occupancy condos for sale in Northpoint Davao, investors can also look to other promising investment or business opportunities in the central business district (CBD) or in JP Laurel Avenue.

The majority of the city’s commercial properties, office spaces, and retail spaces are in the heart of JP Laurel Avenue. Hence, the location of Northpoint Davao is certainly an advantage for any investor looking for bigger and advantageous options to settle or own a place in the city’s business location.

On the other hand, it was shown that in terms of the land sector, JP Laurel Ave. premium spaces are ranging from P90,000 to P120,000 per square meter where the low-price ranges are encompassing throughout the other business areas in the city.

Hence, residential properties in the CBD are normally mid to high-priced. Yet if you are looking for possibilities to own a property in the CBD area, your options will come close to the overwhelming number of condos for sale developments on this stretch.

More Commercial Completions in 2021 and 2022

Commercial Spaces in Davao Investment Address
Commercial Spaces in Davao Investment Address | Photo by Jacek Dylag in Unsplash

Looking at the CBD you can see more building completions for the year and in 2022. Commercial and business buildings along JP Laurel Avenue are pipelined in the coming year. Thus, more employment opportunities will also be established in the coming years or seen in the city’s post-pandemic recovery.

Meanwhile, Northpoint Davao is also ready to turn over its condo units in its fifth and last building, Bradford, later this year. More than a hundred condo property owners will be turned over their respective condo unit investments.

But if you are also looking for some condo units for sale in Northpoint, there are still a few RFO or ready for occupancy condo units available on the last building. Moreover, Northpoint Davao is also offering now RTO or rent to own condo units that you might want to check for availability. With how much relatively cost-efficient rental rates are in the city, Northpoint Davao offers more ways for property finders to look at the best practical option of owning a condo property rather than renting one in the long run.   

Rent to Own Condo Units in Northpoint Davao

Rent to Own Condo Units in Northpoint Davao
Rent to Own Condo Units in Northpoint Davao | Photo from Cowomen in Unsplash

Northpoint Davao is now offering RTO or rent to own condo units for sale from a few units in the first four ready to occupy condo buildings. The project is offering more affordable and competitive ownership schemed for those individuals who are looking for investments in the CBD through an easier payment or purchase plan.

Through RTO or rent to own units available in Northpoint Davao, financing will be more attainable. You can lease out the unit while your monthly payments are deducted from the principal contract price of the RFO condo unit for sale.

Aside from the competitive financing scheme, RTO condo units are also as good as owning accordingly a condo unit under regular financing methods. On the other hand, RTO condo units will give you the benefit of trial and proceed lifestyle as you get the chance to purchase the condo unit under a time frame or you can also not proceed with the terms if you will not find the condo unit or anything about the property not ideal for your living needs.

Own a Business Ready Condo in the Investment Address

RFO Condo in Davao - Northpoint Davao - Camella Manors - Building Perspective in a pine-filled community
RFO Condo in Davao – Northpoint Davao – Camella Manors – Building Perspective in a pine-filled community

The ten-minute RFO condo village of Northpoint Davao grants every homeowner and investor the optimum access and convenience to their daily lifestyle needs. The project situates at the heart of Davao City’s prime address along JP Laurel Avenue which makes the necessities and leisure demands of all residents easy.

Inside a ten-minute distance, residents can easily go to a mall, hospital, school, banks, even to the airport and other essential commercial establishments. Having to own an RFO condo unit for sale in Northpoint Davao can bring you other investment opportunities if you plan to buy and sell or even rent out your condo unit.

Everything works at your disposal when you have the perks of a master-planned location in the city’s investment address along JP Laurel Avenue.

How to Make Business with your Condo Unit at Northpoint Davao

Owning a project that sits in so many possibilities can let you explore multiple options in making it business-ready. At Northpoint Davao, you can make use of your condo unit as a business tool to generate passive income.

Flip your Condo

Buy a condo unit and make use of your creativity and design a good haven to re-sell at a higher price.

Buy-and-sell your Condo

You can easily buy a condo and wait as the market turns out well and when your property value appreciates you can re-sell the condo unit at a competitive price may it be pre-selling or ready for occupancy.

Lease your Condo

One of the most common things investors do with their condo unit is to lease it out short-term or long-term on a contract basis. In this way, the unit can generate passive income and might even help in finishing the bank amortization.

No matter what business you wish to venture into in Northpoint Davao, you are sure that it is capable and feasible as an investment good for resale or leasing. This RFO condo for sale in Metro Davao creates opportunities with its highly demanded location and master-planned business address.

If you wish to find out and check the availability of Northpoint Davao condo units for sale and rent-to-own condo units, easily inquire through this website form or message directly via this website chatbox or any of Camella Manors official social media accounts and channels.  

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