How to Know if iPhone is Original or Not

How to Spot an Original or Fake iPhone

The newest iPhone is already out in the market! Are you ready?

If you buy the new iPhone directly from Apple or an authorized reseller, you won’t have to bother about authenticating your purchase. Buying a new iPhone from an unapproved or new vendor, on the other hand, necessitates some caution. You must ensure that your model is genuine and not a replica or a used model.

Despite the fact that imitation Apple device producers have practically achieved an exact reproduction of the iPhone in their design, they are unable to outperform the actual device in terms of functionality, performance, OS, and so on. As a result, the customer can distinguish a fake model from a genuine Apple gadget by performing the tests listed below.

Examine Apple’s Warranty

In general, Apple gives a one-year limited warranty on all products purchased through the Apple Store or Authorized Resellers. You’ll need the serial number to see if your equipment is covered by a warranty.

Navigate to Settings-> General-> About to find out your iPhone’s serial number. For the field Serial Number, you’ll see an alphanumeric string. (The phone number is also displayed on the iPhone packaging.) Make a note of the phone number and go to Apple’s Service and Support page to learn more. Then, in the box provided, enter your serial number and press the Continue button. If your device is genuine, your screen will display information such as the model, warranty duration, and status of phone support, among other things.

Unfortunately, if your device is counterfeit or stolen, one or more of the following details will be hidden. Otherwise, your warranty would have expired.

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Check the Model Number

iPhone devices in Different Models
iPhone devices in Different Models | Photo from Arnel Hasano in Unsplash

Sometimes, vendors will claim that the refurbished model is a new gadget in order to sell it at a lesser price. The model number, on the other hand, can quickly reveal if the device is reconditioned or fresh. Go to Settings-> General-> About in the menu bar. The model number will be something along the lines of “MQ3D2HN/A.” The device’s nature is indicated by the first letter of the model number:

M – The gadget in question is a brand-new model.

F — Device that has been refurbished

R stands for replacement device.

P stands for “personalized device.”

If your model number does not begin with any of the letters listed above, it is most likely a fake. Before purchasing a new iPhone from an unlicensed vendor or the black market, double-check that the model number begins with the letter M.

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Examine the iPhone’s Box Label

Don’t forget to read the information printed on the back of the box before purchasing a new or old iPhone. The information about the iPhone, such as the model number, serial number, and IMEI, will be on the backside of the box. Make sure these numbers match the ones displayed in Settings->General->About. Additionally, the following information will be featured on the rear of an original iPhone box: “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China.”

iPhone, USB cable, power adapter, headphones, manual, and SIM card ejector will all be included in every new iPhone box yet for the latest and the last model are not the same. Check that your delivery contains all of the above-mentioned components.

Examine the Memory Card Slot

Apple iPhones do not have a slot for a memory card, therefore you can’t add more capacity. Instead, they always come with a fixed memory amount of 16 GB/32 GB/64 GB/128/256 GB, for example. If your model has a slot for an external memory card, it is clearly a fake.

Check the iPhone’s IMEI Number

Every phone will have its own IMEI number. Enter *#06# on the keypad to find out your iPhone’s IMEI number. You may also retrieve the IMEI number by going to Settings->About->General. It will also be printed on the box’s backside. (To find out where your IMEI number is located for different models, go to this Apple Support Page.)

iPhone’s About Screen IMEI

The IMEI number is also printed on the SIM tray on previous iPhone models. On the backside of the majority of iPhones and other iOS devices, the IMEI number is also printed. If you don’t see the IMEI number on any of the above-mentioned locations, your device isn’t authentic.

Every authentic iPhone comes with an Apple Log on the backside. Fake iPhone makers have advanced to the point where they can even acquire the original Apple logo on their gadgets. By touching the emblem, you can tell the difference between a genuine and a fake model or unit.

Rub the Apple Logo gently with your finger. If there is no transition between the logo and the cover, you have an original iPhone. Otherwise, it’s possible that it’s a fake iPhone, and you’ll need to look into it more.

Examine the iPhone’s Physical Appearance

Fake ones are generally of such poor quality that they cannot be compared to the performance of genuine iPhones. Fake gadget makers, on the other hand, are attempting to resemble the original iPhone at least in look. To do so, you’ll need to know where the buttons, USB connector, and other components of the original models’ are located. If there is a mismatch, you can quickly spot the fakes. You could also try pressing the buttons for a few minutes to see how they function. You may encounter issues such as loose buttons, jammed buttons, or poor performance.

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Examine the iPhone’s System/Default Apps

An original iPhone comes with a number of pre-installed apps, including Wallet, Health, Books, Safari, Clock, iTunes, and many others. Check to see if your iPhone has all of the default apps installed. If you notice a few missing apps or a mismatch in the app’s logo/spelling, the iPhone is not real but a clone.

Original iPhones at the Lowest Prices

Original iPhone device
Original iPhone device | Photo from David Grand Moudin in Unsplash

The Apple Store is, without a doubt, the best place to purchase an original iPhone. If an Apple Store isn’t nearby, you can look for approved resellers in your area. Simply go to the Apple website’s Store Locator, enter your zip code, and then hit the Go button after selecting iPhone from the drop-down box. You’ll get a list of all Apple Stores and Authorized Resellers in your area where you can purchase the new iPhone.

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