How to Make Your Condo Party-Ready for Christmas

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We all know that the Philippines has the longest Christmas preparation/celebration in the world, with a total of 5 long months from September to January the following year. But because of the ongoing pandemic crisis that is limiting our movement, traveling outside your home is close to impossible due to the strict implementation of health protocol anywhere and border lockdown in some areas.

Thus, Christmas this year would most probably be a home celebration, with a limit to the immediate family and close friends of 20 people maximum allowed in strict observance of social distancing to prevent the spread of the COVID19 virus.

But don’t worry, despite the pandemic, this won’t hinder you from celebrating the most wonderful time of the year. This list will help you enjoy the most out of the celebration, even with the advent of the pandemic and you are inside your condo or house.

How to Prepare for Christmas this Pandemic

The Christmas season is one of the busiest times of the year, but with a little forethought, it can be made more bearable. Today, we’ll go over some helpful tips for preparing your house for Christmas. We’ve compiled the finest 2020 Christmas preparation checklist to help you prepare a lovely scene for the season’s celebrations, from cleaning up condos to pulling out your decorations.

Christmas Decorations | Affordable Condo for Sale in the Philippines - Camella Manors
Spark the Christmas Spirit in your condo home by having some Christmas Decorations.

1. Early Christmas Haul

The optimum time to start planning for Christmas is around September. Many stores have mid-year deals, making it an excellent time to buy Christmas decorations. The Christmas in September Sale is one of the greatest times to get a great deal on an artificial Christmas tree and décor. Shopping as early as this month allows you to take advantage of fantastic deals and discounted prices on product offers while also avoiding stock-outs and delivery delays.

2. Clear Out the Clutter

Before you start decking the halls, set aside a day or two to declutter your home. Check rooms, shelves, and surfaces and put away the things you no longer use or want to display. Decluttering helps create more space for Christmas home décor and makes it easier for you to visualize your decorating plans.

3. Keep an Orderly Kitchen

Christmastime usually involves a lot of cooking and baking, and an organized kitchen helps keep things running smoothly. Make sure that essential kitchen tools, utensils, and cookware are thoroughly clean and within easy reach.

4. Prepare the Celebration Area

We’re all aware that this Christmas will be a little different from previous ones. While this may disrupt your typical holiday customs, you could still make the most of the circumstances by planning for Christmas 2021.

Choose a dedicated location for your Christmas background, such as the living room, dining room, or bedroom. Examine your surroundings to select the ideal location for your Christmas tree. Don’t be afraid to rearrange, replace, or eliminate furniture to make room for your seasonal centerpiece.

5. Check Your Christmas Tree

Decorating Christmas trees is at the top of everyone’s holiday to-do list. Whether you intend to re-use your old artificial Christmas tree or buy a new one, it is always a good idea to examine it a few weeks before putting it up.

Examine the area for any loose branches or wires, and ensure that all of the lights are operational. When you check early, you have more time to troubleshoot or seek new components. Make the same adjustments to your Christmas foliage, such as wreaths, garlands, or swags.

Check your ornaments and other decorations to ensure they are complete and undamaged. Depending on your decorating motif, you may wish to add new decorations to your collection.

6. Be Prepared to Have Fun

Preparations are required while at home on Christmas Day to make your celebrations particularly spectacular. Plan ahead of time what items to offer and how to decorate your table. Stock up on everyone’s favorite holiday food and beverages.

Pay close attention to the nuances that will make your setup attractive and one-of-a-kind. Use appropriate dishes, silverware, glasses, and even serving stands and bowls.

7. Make it Cozy and Warm

A warm Christmas house is a nice respite from the stressful holiday schedule. Using flameless candles, you may create a soothing ambiance. Arrange them on the mantel, coffee table, or anywhere else you wish to bring warmth.

Drape a velvety throw blanket over your sofa for texture, or dress up your Christmas tree with a luscious tree skirt. Decorate the corners and walls of your home to exude Christmas happiness.

8. Make your exteriors more appealing

Decorate your entrance with Christmas wreaths and ornaments. Christmas lights will do wonders for brightening outdoor spaces and preparing your home for the holidays.

Arrange lanterns on your porch steps and flank your front entrance with pre-lit topiaries. Wrap fake garlands around posts, railings, and door frames.

No matter how big or small your condo unit size is, celebrating Christmas this year would be much more relevant and fulfilling if you spend time with your family, either physically or virtually. Remember that the essence of the Christmas celebration is all about love and happiness.

And of course, don’t forget to comply with the standard health protocol mandated by the government. Remember, the pandemic does not take a break, even on Christmas.

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