17 Simple Ways to Dress a Condo Bedroom

Ways to Design a Condo Bedroom

A condo bedroom is relatively small to start dressing up but with smaller size comes with simpler ways to make it look sharp and cozy.

If you are eyeing a good revamp and makeover to your condo bedroom, this article will show you some ways to make the bedroom inside your condo unit the way you wish it to be. Discover these 17 ways to dress up your condo bedroom in the city.

1. Install Storage at New Heights

The secret to a successful condo bedroom, like with any small area, is to incorporate appropriate storage within a useful plan. A couple of substantial, hard-working pieces of furniture, rather than several little pieces, will often provide a less cluttered effect in a small guest room.

When a room is limited, incorporate floating shelves or bespoke fitting above the bed (if your budget allows) for a streamlined aesthetic that won’t compromise your space.

2. Use a Headboard That Saves Room

Headboard that Saves Room
Headboard that Saves Room | Photo from Adam Winger in Unsplash

Although it may appear that a headboard does not take up much room, some designs can be deceiving. Look for different methods to add interest to a bedroom wall without sacrificing critical space where every inch matters. A unique wall-mounted DIY headboard is a brilliant way to add a finishing touch to a bedstead without taking up too much room.

This clever approach also avoids the expense of purchasing a new bed when tastes or trends change; simply replace the bed’s backdrop with a new wall hanging.

3. Decide on a Theme for your Condo Bedroom

Themed Condo Bedroom
Themed Condo Bedroom | Photo from Hutomo Abrianto in Unsplash

Choose a mostly white look and sprinkle it with a specific ornamental pattern such as flowers and foliage to make a small bedroom appear larger.

For a sleek, life-enhancing bedroom, combine neutral carpeting with crisp white walls, delicate florals, and minimal furnishings. This design is a masterclass in how to make a space sing with complementary colors.

Keep furniture light and airy rather than dark and heavy, opting for a metal bedstead and a cafe-style bedside table.

4. In your Little Bedroom, Apply Symmetry

A modest twin bedroom can be saved by a basic, precisely balanced design concept. Metal bedsteads conserve space but make a statement with a unique finish like polished brass. To finish, use pure white linen and pastel-colored wool blankets on the beds, along with a neutral/patterned pair of pillows. To save space on a shared bedside table, install wall-mounted lighting.

5. Indulge in Color Opulence

Do you believe you can’t put color in a small bedroom? Reconsider your position! Color, texture, and design may all be used to great effect in small spaces.

Choose lush silks and rich velvets for tactile bedspreads, cushions, and curtains for a near-combustible mix of petrol blue and aqua tones. Hold back a little white for ceilings and window frames among these deep, rich hues.

6. Create a Focal Point with a Feature wall

Turn a single wall into the focal point of a small bedroom by using bright wallpaper and eye-catching artwork. Choose a limited color palette with clean white bed linen and reclaimed wood furnishings.

To keep the design from becoming too cluttered, stick to largely white bed linens and add a splash of color to spice things up.

7. Make use of Furnishings that can be Used for Multiple Purposes

Multifunctional furniture comes into its own when space is at a premium. Look for pieces that can serve many purposes, such as a storage ottoman that can be used as a seat at the foot of the bed while also serving as a convenient storage space for additional blankets and layers. Keeping the additional bedding hidden helps to create a clutter-free environment, which helps the room feel bigger.

8. Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger by Painting it White

Utilize the best white paint on the walls and ceilings to visually open up a small area and allow you to use color and pattern in a more controlled way elsewhere. Then go all out with cottage garden florals, which won’t overwhelm a small bedroom because of the basic background.

With a bright, red patterned blanket and pillows that contrast with the rest of the room, let colorful fabrics take center stage.

9. Keep out-of-sight items in the Space Behind the Bed

By putting storage into an unobtrusive spot, such as the space below the bed, you may make it less noticeable. Cleverly disguised units, most likely available at IKEA, will serve as a kind of interest at the head of the bed while also serving as secret storage.

This secret compartment is ideal for storing extra blankets, hot water bottles, and other sleep necessities. It may also be a good place to keep freshly laundered bedding so it’s close at hand when it’s time to change the sheets.

10. Create a Relaxing Work Environment

Take over a portion of the wardrobe space in a child’s room to create a cool work zone. Installing a wall lamp and a pinboard where you can pin pots for pens and other trinkets will free up desk space so you can focus on the important things.

11. Make a Pattern Duplicate

In a small bedroom, don’t be scared to employ patterns. For a clever, tightly controlled decorating scheme, choose one motif, such as polka dots, and assign it to walls and soft furnishings.

Choose furniture with storage possibilities in mind when space is limited: bedside cabinets over tables; an end-of-bed blanket box over a sofa.

12. Install a Peg Rail

Peg rails aren’t just for Shaker-style kitchens. In a compact bedroom, a simple peg rack can be used to raise any additional storage needs. To keep stuff off the floor, hang portraits, mirrors, or even clothing. The adjustable pegs allow for variable storage, ensuring that every inch of available space is utilized.

13. Keep it Simple

Keep the Condo Bedroom Simple
Keep the Condo Bedroom Simple | Photo from Neonbrand in Unsplash

When you need to pare down to the fundamentals in a tiny space, symmetry is your friend. For a simple, easy-on-the-eye concept, double up on bedside cabinets and lighting. To achieve visual balance and add clarity and vigor, use hits of repeated color.

As a fail-safe space enhancer, choose a pale color palette. Soft neutrals provide just the appropriate amount of warmth, while simple wall decorations lead the eye to the bed and keep it there.

14. Use a Neutral Color Palette

Chalky cream walls, a pastel upholstered headboard, and a sumptuous off-white satin blanket create a relaxing atmosphere in a guest bedroom.

Stick to neutrals as much as possible in the area so that items don’t compete for attention and the space appears less congested. However, if you want to keep the scheme from looking cold and clinical, feel free to incorporate some warmer tones.

15. Don’t be Afraid to Think Beyond the Box

Don’t be afraid to use your favorite pattern in a small bedroom if you like strong designs or textures.

Make a feature of a strong design, whether on walls or soft furnishings: papering one wall with flocked or flowered wallpaper will keep the pattern from taking over the small room while still achieving the intended effect.

16. Repetition of the Same Motif

Choose a single motif – such as the heart – and run with it to keep the decorative components of a tiny room simple. Use it in two or three different ways, such as paintings, accessories, and soft furnishings, and in different scales, and the resulting unified, contained concept will clear your area of clutter and confusion.

If you limit color to accessories, the room will be simple to alter whenever you want.

17. Consider Furniture that has Both Form and Function

Most homes have bottlenecks, so consider thinking laterally about how to liberate up space. Is it possible to put wardrobes in the hall outside a little bedroom, giving it a dressing room feel? Challenge your assumptions but be sure that whatever answer you come up with is realistic.

Another alternative, as we’ve done here, is to go for a statement bed and very little else. Use a bed with plenty of built-in concealed storage or space underneath to store boxes and vacuum bags if you go this route.

Best way to Design your Condo Bedroom

How to Design a Small Bedroom
How to Design a Small Bedroom | Photo from Gabriel Beaudry in Unsplash

Keep a space as clutter-free as possible to make it feel more spacious. A clutter-free bedroom is also necessary for a good night’s sleep. Keep the furniture in a small bedroom to a minimum. Because important furniture such as beds and wardrobes, which are larger and bulkier, cannot be avoided. Use elevated designs with legs rather than ones that are flush with the ground to save floor space.

Don’t overlook the possibility for concealed storage under beds — just make sure it’s kept always hidden. Keep as much off the floor as possible to create a sense of space and look up at the ceiling to remind yourself of the room’s floor space.

And, of course, make sure the space is soothing; whether big or small, this is the most important factor to consider when designing a bedroom arrangement.

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