11 Horror Shows on Netflix to Watch this Halloween

Horror Shows on Netflix 2021

Halloween is approaching, and you may be in the mood for some horror shows and films. It’s fortunate that Netflix has a diverse selection of classic and new thriller shows that will provide just the right amount of adrenaline and excitement.

If you are looking for blood-rushing movies and series to watch with your loved ones this Halloween inside your condo, here is a good list of the newest and never-dying horror and thriller shows you can watch this scary season.  

1. Squid Game

Squid Game Horror Show on Netflix | Photo from Netflix
Squid Game Horror Show on Netflix | Photo from Netflix

Squid Game is a popular South Korean drama thriller series that premiered last September 17, 2021 on Netflix. Squid Game is expected to overtake Bridgerton as Netflix’s most streamed show. This survival thriller show followed the lives of indebted South Koreans who are enticed to play children’s games. Each of the 456 players is tested on their ability to survive alone, in teams, and in pairs, and friendship and trust are definitely put to the test.

Squid Game is a smash hit thanks to its stunning visuals, strong performances, and satirical take on human nature and capitalism. This nine-episode series will undoubtedly keep you hooked from beginning to end.

2. Alice in Borderland

Alice in Borderland is a 2021 Japanese science fiction thriller television series that premiered on December 10. The title is a play on Alice in Wonderland, and the show’s players are transported to a parallel universe of Tokyo, just like Alice. Arisu, the protagonist, is a gamer who, along with his friends, is forced to play dangerous games in order to survive. The playing cards determine the difficulty of these games. After surviving a game, players are granted visas that increase in duration as they compete. If their visas expire, the players are executed via red lasers shooting through the sky.

If you liked Squid Game, you’re sure to enjoy this darker dystopian series. Alice in Borderland was a critical and commercial success, and the show was immediately renewed for a second season.

3. You

You is a psychological crime thriller that begins with a lighthearted romcom vibe and gradually transforms into a satirical tragedy as we witness the protagonist, Joe, portray his narcissistic, stalker, and murderous selves. The series demonstrates the dangers of social media and toxic masculinity in great detail. It will undoubtedly leave you disturbed, as the show portrays Joe in a sympathetic light. Nonetheless, this series is engrossing.

You premiered in 2018 and was followed by a follow-up in 2019. You Season 3 premiered on Netflix on October 15, 2021.

4. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland is based on the popular manga of the same name and follows a group of young orphans who live in a loving and caring home at Grace Field House. However, when three of the oldest and most gifted children discover that they are being raised as food for demonic creatures, everything changes. As a child, can you imagine a more terrifying reality? With its stunning dark visuals and sinister atmosphere, The Promised Neverland defies the stereotype that anime films are ‘for kids.’ This series will not only keep you on the edge of your seat, but will also break your heart.

Season 1 premiered in 2021 and was quickly followed by Season 2, which premiered in March 2021.

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5. Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is an American science fiction television series about a cybersecurity engineer and vigilante hacker who struggles with social anxiety disorder, dissociative identity disorder, substance abuse, and clinical depression. What makes this series unique is that the protagonist, Elliot, joins a group of hackers dedicated to eliminating consumer debt. Mr. Robot won the 2016 Golden Glove Award for Best Television Series, Drama. Mr. Robot is this generation’s masterpiece due to its creative use of mediums that enhanced the viewing experience.

Mr. Robot premiered in 2015 and consists of four episodes.

6. The Devil All The Time

The Devil All the Time is an American psychological thriller film starring a star-studded cast that premiered in September 2020. It chronicles the grim and grotesque multigenerational story of sons suffering from PTSD and trauma as a result of America’s murder and violence. Additionally, it addresses the reality of how religious faith and evil frequently coexist when priests, pastors, and other clergy commit heinous crimes.

The Devil All The Time received mixed reviews from critics, and films of this nature should definitely be added to your watch list.

7. Forgotten

Forgotten is a 2017 South Korean psychological thriller and mystery film. The film follows a young man who moves with his family to a new house, but things do not seem right when his brother is abducted. The young man attempts to ascertain the truth about his brother’s abduction, but instead discovers something entirely different. What truly distinguishes this film is its tragic and unexpected plot twist. The way it was narrated led you to believe one thing when it was actually the opposite—thereby making viewers feel foolish. Forgotten is the ideal Halloween film, providing just the right amount of chills and scares.

8. Blood Red Sky

Blood Red Sky Horror Show on Netflix
Blood Red Sky Horror Show on Netflix | Photo from Netflix

“Blood Red Sky” is an original take on a vampire film. This action horror film is set on an overnight flight from Germany to New York, where a woman named Nadja and her son are traveling to receive treatment for a mysterious blood disorder. However, the plane is hijacked by terrorists, and Nadja’s only hope of rescuing her child and everyone else on board is to reveal the secret she’s been hiding from her son: she’s a vampire. Thus, the bloodsucker becomes a hero when she transforms the hijackers into her on-board meal. Due to the film’s brisk pace and high-octane action, it is currently Netflix’s most-watched German original.

9. Nightbooks

“Nightbooks” is a bit of a wildcard on this list, as it is a children’s horror film. However, do not be fooled into believing it is gentle. It’s directed by Sam Raimi, a horror legend, and it may even make adults jump. It’s a riff on “Scheherazade” and “Hansel & Gretel” about a young horror story writer named Alex who is kidnapped by an evil witch named Natacha who demands that he tell her a new frightening story every night… or else.

Alex and his fellow captive, Yazmin, plot their escape from Natacha’s clutches before she deems them no longer useful and sends them to the horrible fate that has befallen so many children before them. If you’re a horror-obsessed parent looking to introduce your 9- to 13-year-old to the genre, this is the ideal introduction.

10. No Gets Out Alive

“No One Gets Out Alive” is a haunted house film with some unique elements. It follows Ambar, an undocumented Mexican immigrant who rents a room in a run-down boarding house in Cleveland… where strange things appear to be happening. The proprietor, Red, is unsettling, and his brother is even more so. Additionally, Ambar is hearing and seeing things that are unexplained. And the other female residents of the house appear to be vanishing.

The film features some extremely effective scares and a claustrophobic, foreboding atmosphere. Additionally, this is Netflix’s second adaptation of a novel by horror author Adam Nevill, following “The Ritual,” both of which are excellent choices if you’re looking for something frightening.

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11. The Swarm

“The Swarm” is a French eco-horror drama about a single mother struggling to make ends meet following her husband’s death. She’s having a difficult time because she’s in the unusual business of raising locusts for protein, and it would be difficult to find buyers for food-grade bug protein even if she could get the grasshoppers to reproduce quickly enough to sell in large, profitable quantities.

However, she discovers a way to accelerate reproduction when she realizes that locusts thrive on blood…which means she requires free blood in ever-increasing quantities. “The Swarm” is an intriguing horror film due to the fact that the antagonists are nature and financial desperation.

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