How to Achieve Bohemian Interior for your Condo

Tips Bohemian Interior Design for your Condo

Let us begin by stating the obvious: bohemian interior design is a perennially popular and trending style. To agree, all you need to do is peruse Instagram feeds, design shows, and coffee table books.

Bohemian design, the free-spirited animal of interior design styles, liberates color, texture, and pattern to create a relaxed and unique aesthetic. It is, without a doubt, eclectic, with a nod to global influence and an appeal to anyone looking to personalize their home. Unsurprisingly, it’s generating so much buzz!

Bohemian Interior Design – What Is It?

This look appears to be as simple as laying a fuzzy rug, purchasing wicker furniture, and covering it with an absurd amount of throw pillows. This would be an excellent place to begin. It’s important to remember that bohemian interior design is an unruly style. It is encouraged to color outside the lines. Without rigid rules, anything that is random, colorful, and full of personality is a sure sign that you’re on your way to a boho interior design home.

Nonetheless, there is an art to seamlessly incorporate this style. A large part of having a boho interior design home is understanding the style’s origins. The term bohémien refers to a group of people (gypsies) who originated in the Czech Republic’s Bohemia region. Later, this term was expanded to include the artist, writer, actor, or musician, who was frequently impoverished and lived a nomadic lifestyle in major European cities.

While bohemian decor and design is fundamentally a rule-breaker, it does have some guiding themes. Whether you want a pure representation of the bohemian design in your space or want to incorporate elements of the style into other interior design styles, this guide will help you create the ultimate seamless bohemian interior.

1. Emphasize mixing and layering

Combinations are one of the keys to a bohemian interior’s heart. In contrast to the minimalist style, a boho room is unafraid to mix finishes and layer decor elements such as textiles, art, and accents. Due to its carefree nature, the bohemian interior design incorporates a variety of styles with a casual tone. As with eclectic spaces, each interior design of a boho home is unique. However, intentional layering lends it a boho vibe.

By layering patterns, you can easily incorporate bohemian style into your space. Additionally, the exercise of contrasting patterns is spot on. Mixing and matching textiles such as rugs, cushions, and throws are a lot of fun when you use a variety of patterns, shapes, and scales. If consistency is desired, consider a color scheme. This also applies to art. There is no such thing as too many prints or paintings. A healthy wall gallery with a variety of frames, sizes, and mediums fits the bohemian interior profile perfectly.

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2. Incorporate rich patterns and colors into your design

Rich Patterns of Rug Bohemian Interior Style
Rich Patterns of Rug | Bohemian Interior Style | Photo from Sina Sadaatmand in Unsplash

While there are no rules in bohemian interior design, daring patterns and colors are encouraged. Amethyst purple, ruby red, and emerald green are frequently used in boho rooms. For walls, darker, richer hues impart an instant sense of luxury, while more daring hues, such as bright blue oranges, evoke a bazaar-like atmosphere, particularly when combined with other rich colors and patterns.

Are you not a fan of excessively saturated color? Not at all! White-walled spaces can also embrace the bohemian design vibe through the pattern. Ikat and Shibori patterns with a more blurred effect due to the dyeing techniques used. These soft furnishings, which come in the form of accent pillows, throws, and wall hangings, add splashes of color and pattern to a boho room.

There are also rugs. The rugs, oh the rugs! This is a must-have for bohemian interior design! Typically, high pile or shag carpets are chosen for their soft underfoot feel and comfort. Additionally, kilims, ornate Persian styles, and geometric South Western-influenced rugs with beautiful patterns are available. Regardless of how you choose to incorporate color and pattern into your bohemian interior, the maxim “more is more” applies.

Trinkets from travels Bohemian Interior Style
Trinkets from travels | Bohemian Interior Style | Photo from Manja Vitolic in Unsplash

If there is one design style that tells a story, it is bohemian. Reflecting a nomadic lifestyle, the boho space features a collection of trinkets from various travel destinations, many of which come with a story. Art, books, sculptures, pillows, and lamps all contribute to the inviting, cozy, and conversation-starting feel of the boho space.

How do you begin? Choose objects with a range of colors and shapes. Bring in family heirlooms, handcrafted items, and travel memoirs. There is no need to tread lightly here. Fill every available physical space in your bohemian home. There is no magic number of vintage brass plates that should go together that you purchased at a flea market. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for the beaded bowl you brought home from Mexico.

With an eclectic bent, bohemian design can also be chic and glam. Emphasize this with an ornate mirror or gleaming chandelier. The only requirement is that each item in the room should have a story to tell.

4. Adopt a handmade and natural aesthetic

Inspired by artists, the bohemian design emphasizes handmade items, one-of-a-kind creations that speak to one’s uniqueness. This is evident in works such as paintings, sculptures, and wall hangings. Handmade décor also benefits local artisans and small businesses, so it’s a win-win situation! Numerous platforms cater to the crafty artisan.

Along with being handmade, bohemian interior design values natural elements. Wood is the most vital of these. Whether used in furniture or accents, wood instantly adds a sense of warmth and comfort, which are critical in boho spaces. Natural elements such as leather poufs, cowhide rugs, and, of course, plants can be incorporated.

5. Bohemian interiors are lush with botanicals

Natural Indoor Plants Bohemian Interior Style
Natural Indoor Plants | Bohemian Interior Style | Photo from Beazy in Unsplash

Without the presence of plants…lots of them! the bohemian design falls flat. Botanicals play a critical role. Not only do they bring the natural world indoors, a key element of boho style, but they also improve air quality, giving any room an energetic feel. Greenery, too, is uplifting and provides the sense of connection to nature that a bohemian interior inspires.

Essentially, the rule for plants in bohemian design is that they can be anything. Succulents with a variety of shapes and textures are extremely forgiving and lend a room a sculptural, artsy look. These plants thrive with a little sun and occasional watering. Snake plants and dracaenas are low-maintenance houseplants that are excellent for air purification.

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6. Feel free to embellish!

Embellishments in the Living Area Bohemian Interior Design
Embellishments in the Living Area | Bohemian Interior Design | Photo from Curology in Unsplash

The gypsy style evokes images of beads, tassels, fringes, sequined fabrics, and canopies; ostentatious embellishment that is characteristic of bohemian interior design. Decorative embellishments contribute to the wow factor that distinguishes this interior design style from the competition. Impulses should be unrestricted to effortlessly assemble pieces.

How is this accomplished? To begin, embrace your flirtatious and spontaneous side. Assemble a collection of random items that complement the bohemian look you’re going for. Whether you lean toward Western or a more European boho aesthetic, incorporate a few exaggerations. Travel trinkets, feathers or other natural collections, bejewelled frames, and lace can all be used to decorate your space. Simply combine these smaller items, tweak placements slightly, and allow for a little perfectly imperfect look.

Increase the impact of your space by incorporating statement pieces such as large-patterned wallpaper, an oversized tasselled pendant lamp, or even a massive cactus plant! In terms of furnishings, this could take the form of a lacy indoor hammock strung in the living room or a bedroom hanging chair. And, if you truly want to be carefree when it comes to bohemian interior design, seek out the grand peacock chair.

7. Incorporate a bohemian aesthetic with a vintage flair

Along with mixing styles, contrasting old and new is an easy way to incorporate bohemian design. Vintage or gently used secondhand pieces infuse the bohemian design with soul. They have a past and a soul. When juxtaposed with something contemporary, each item takes on a new life. A sleek-lined sofa could be draped with a fringed throw, or a large round mirror could be adorned with a patterned kilim runner to greet guests at the entry. The point is that there is no requirement to be identical; a carefree attitude is encouraged here.

Antique, consignment, and vintage stores are excellent places to find older pieces that lend themselves to bohemian interior design. Additionally, you can look for unique items at estate or garage sales. Consider adding a plush daybed or chaise, a French-style side table, an antique record player, or a distressed mirror as additional vintage-inspired pieces. This element is frequently found in bohemian interior design, contributing to the style’s storytelling and cultural value.

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