Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Condo

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Although you may prefer having a pristine house, the real filthy work of dusting, scrubbing and vacuuming until every surface sparkles isn’t something most people enjoy. To make matters worse, many of the things you’re doing in the name of cleaning your condo may end up causing you more effort and issues in the long term. From cleaning habits that create serious plumbing issues to ones that can make a mess of your appliances, these are the cleaning mistakes you need to ditch now, according to the experts. 

There’s no doubt that certain poor habits made it onto our list in cleaning our condo. They may have been passed down to you as cleaning myths and blunders as a child. When you became older, you continued to follow the same patterns. The bad news is that some cleaning habits may be causing more damage than good, not just to your house but also to you and your family. Read on to learn about the housekeeping blunders to avoid in your apartment.

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 Washing the windows on a sunny day

Another error made by homeowners is washing their windows on a sunny day. When you try to wash it off, it gets tough, and you end up with streaks.   If you re-apply the cleaning solution, you’ll wind up wasting even more of it.

When cleaning your windows, choose a day that is colder or cloudy. Due to the absence of sunshine, the streaks will be minimized. Touch your windows to determine the best time to clean them. If it’s too hot, postpone the cleaning until another day.

Spraying polish onto the furniture

When the polish is sprayed directly on a piece of furniture, a spray build-up or over-spray is a risk. If any of the cleaning solutions spills on the floor, it will become slick and difficult to wipe up. Accidents are more likely to occur in this location, especially if you have small children.

If you’re going to apply polish to furniture, do it with a small amount of it sprayed on a piece of cloth. After that, apply it to the appropriate surface. Repeat the process until you’ve polished all of the furniture.

Using a dry rag or feather duster to dust off furnitures

Using a feather duster, a broom, or a dry rag to clean your apartment is a dry cleaning error you must avoid. Any dry cleaning instrument will make it tough to remove dust—or you won’t be able to remove it at all. Dust will begin to whirl about you, making you more susceptible to allergic rhinitis. Don’t allow this housekeeping blunder put your health at risk.

Wipe off your desks, tables, and shelves using a damp towel. Instead of using a broom to sweep the floor, you may use a vacuum cleaner. You may also use it to vacuum your sofa, shelf corners, and other difficult-to-reach areas.

Wrong use of cleaning products

Have you attempted to clean the bathroom without first allowing the cleaning solution to sit? If so, you’re most likely making a bathroom cleaning error. If you don’t let it rest for a while, the solution won’t work as well as a cleaning agent.

Allow at least 30 minutes after applying the cleaning solution to any place you want to clean. When the timer goes off, return and begin cleaning the area. Some cleaning solutions include strong chemicals that need to leave the area to allow the fumes to dissipate. Alternatively, for a more natural, greener lifestyle, you can use DIY (do-it-yourself) natural cleaning solutions.

Not drying your toilet brush after using

You can always anticipate germs to grow where there is dampness. Bacteria grow in places where people live, and they may make people sick. This is what happens when you use a wet toilet brush, and it’s a cleaning blunder to avoid.

After each use, place your toilet brush between the toilet seat and the bowl to keep it dry. Allow it to drip for about 10 minutes after spraying it with disinfectant. The brush should then be rinsed with very hot water and dried using the same method.

Storing cleaning tools without washing or wiping them

Do you have a habit of shoving cleaning items back into the shelves after they’ve been used? This is a typical blunder that you may make at some time, especially if you’re too weary to clean things up. It’s not a healthy practice, though, because the instrument will swiftly degrade as rust and mold eat away at it, in addition to being a breeding ground for bacteria.

Alternatively, make it a practice to clean all of your cleaning instruments on a regular basis and to let them dry after each use. Maintain appropriate storage of your cleaning materials to avoid dust accumulation. However, make sure that the shelf where you’ll be storing them has a low humidity level. Mold and germs will form on your cleaning instruments if you don’t clean them properly.

Using the same rag to clean all spaces

Wiping spills in the kitchen, the dining room, or the living room with the same rag can become habitual. What’s wrong with this cleaning practice is that instead of washing the floors, you’re distributing additional filth.

A good cleaning tip is to set aside a cloth for each area of the house where spills are likely to occur. If you keep it in the kitchen, you’ll have to wash it more frequently than you would rags in the living room. The rag you use in the dining room is the same.

Removing carpet stains superficially

This is one of the carpet cleaning blunders to avoid since, while you may be successful the first time, the stains will return. Scrubbing isn’t going to cut it, especially for difficult, dark-colored stains like coffee, red wine, or urine.

You may prevent these carpet cleaning blunders by simply blotting the spill with a dry towel. After that, drench the area with cold water and wipe it dry with another dry cloth. Step on the cloth to soak up as much liquid as possible. Repeat the process until the color on the dried fabric is no longer being transferred. If the stain continues, you can apply a stain remover.

These common cleaning mistakes may be tough habits to break, but for better cleaning outcomes, it would be best to change your chore list as soon as possible. This is not only to make your home sparkle, but it is also to keep you and your family healthy.

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