Things to Make the Most Out of Long Weekends

How to Make Most out of your Long Weekends

While long weekends seem to fly by, there are at least 24 additional hours and utilizing that time helps successful professionals stay ahead.

Smart workers understand when they should unwind and recharge, when they should push through and work, and when a weekend should be a combination of the two. Not sure how to make the most of a long weekend? Here are a few suggestions for making the most of your extended weekend:

Prepare Ahead

Individuals who make the most of their long weekends consider their work schedules a week or two weeks in advance, allowing them to spend the long weekend however they wish. At times, a balance of business and pleasure is necessary, but this requires planning as well.

Intelligent workers recognize their peak productivity periods and schedule time to work when they are focused and efficient, as well as time to relax when they are tired and distracted. Additionally, they prioritize which tasks must be completed prior to the weekend and which tasks can be completed during the weekend without monopolizing it.

Take Advantage of a Staycation

While adventures such as camping can be enjoyable, they also require considerable planning. Rather than embarking on a lengthy journey, consider activities close to home. Visits to a local winery, the zoo, or a nearby waterfront are all low-effort ways to recharge your batteries.

Allow Time for Recharging

Playing Piano to Relieve Stress
Playing Piano to Relieve Stress | Photo from Sigmund in Unsplash

Everybody needs to unwind. At times, taking time to relax and recharge is more productive than continuing to work. A critical component of developing into a smart professional is developing an understanding of yourself and your business: knowing when to push forward and when to back off.

Restore your Sleep

Make time for rest. Sleep improves memory, mood, and focus, and literally clears the mind: neurological science demonstrates that adequate sleep eliminates toxins that accumulate in the brain.

Organize a Group Gathering

Over the weekend, invite family and friends over for a meal. A meal-centered hangout with your crew can have several advantages: Not only does baking for others have psychological benefits, but research indicates that being around a best friend can help reduce stress.

Perhaps long weekends can also be mutually beneficial for you, your friends, and family. Then, at some point, you can invite them to a group gathering, either physical or virtual.

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Remove Yourself from Screens

On a long weekend, one way to recharge and refocus is to reduce your screen time. Too much screen time strains your eyes, degrades your sleep quality, and is detrimental to your mental health. Utilize the additional hours to get outside, learn new recipes at home, participate in some outdoor activities, spend time with family and friends, and catch up on sleep, start a skincare routine, among other things. Taking time away from screens will assist you in fully recharging and recuperating.

Read a Book

Read during Long Weekends
Read during Long Weekends | Photo from Thought Catalog in Unsplash

Reading might not be everyone’s cup of tea, yet reading any things that will interest you can be a productive way of enriching one’s mind. A simple novel, a scientific encyclopedia, a work-related info book, etc. are some of the things anyone can start or continue to read over the long weekend. This practice can help the mental strength to keep on working especially when you are an individual who works his or her mind a lot over professional tasks.

Get up and Dance

Not only is busting a move enjoyable, it is also extremely beneficial to your health. Dancing helps maintain a healthy heart, increases stamina, strengthens bones and muscles, and helps ward off illness.

Take on a Large Project

A three-day weekend is an excellent time to work on those “never-quite-gotten-to” projects. This could include painting a room, decluttering the garage, redesigning your home interior, working on the car, or finally organizing your closet.

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Consider and Evaluate

Successful people schedule time to sit down and evaluate their performance and areas for improvement. According to a Harvard Business School study, people who sat for 15 minutes at the end of the day to reflect on the lessons learned performed 23% better than those who did not. Each day, week, or month, reflect on your performance and consider how you can improve your day-to-day performance and what you can do each day, week, or month to advance toward your long-term goals and become a more productive professional.

Plan your Upcoming Vacation

Plan on your Next Adventure
Plan on your Next Adventure | Photo from Estee Janssens in Unsplash

The most enjoyable part of vacation is not necessarily the vacation itself: research indicates that anticipation of departure improves wellbeing. Spend a couple of hours over the three-day weekend getting pumped for your next big trip. Conduct a search for locations, lodging, and estimated costs, as well as any additional funds required to travel.

Find the Right Real Estate Investment

If you are someone who longs to find a good place for your future, then a long weekend can surely give you the timeline to look for real estate investments. You can spend time finding the most suitable real estate investment online or through visiting the actual real estate property offices.

For the best part, you can maximize your time through asking professional help from real estate brokers. Long weekends are actually the time where real estate developers throw their open houses as they bid the availability of the major number of professional property finders who seem vacant during those periods.

Optimize your Back-to-work Strategy

Driving Back to Work
Driving Back to Work | Photo from Jessica Furtney in Unsplash

After a few days away from the office, many people feel stressed out by their workload. This is a significant reason why many people express a reluctance to take flight in the first place. However, streamlining your tasks can help you return to work feeling empowered rather than anxious.

Set aside some time the day before you return to the office to get organized. Make a list of high-priority tasks to complete first thing in the morning so you can get started quickly and refreshed.

Long weekends are ideal for getting out and about. As such, it would be almost criminal to spend them in front of the television. Make the most of your limited availability or schedule by following these productive and healthy strategies.

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