Simple Tricks to Maximize a Small Closet

Tricks to Maximize Small Closet

Raise your hand if you have a small closet and lacks adequate space for your stuff inside a condo. Likewise, even if we frequently find ourselves with nothing to wear while staring at a closet brimming with clothing!

Because, let’s face it, not everyone has opulent walk-in closets. Additionally, the smaller the closet, the more challenging it is to maintain organization.

However, there are numerous organizational tools and styling techniques that can assist. Rather than halving your wardrobe, use these small closet ideas to create twice the space you previously had.

Purchase a Clothing Rack

A freestanding clothing rack is a lifesaver for anyone whose tiny closet is already crammed to the brim or who doesn’t even have a closet at all. Additionally, because your wardrobe is exposed, it will encourage you to keep your clothes neat and organized rather than piled in an avalanche in the closet.

Consider concealing Items behind Glass Doors

If you have glass or wire doors in your storage, line them with a pretty fabric. This will conceal all of your stored clothing while also adding a touch of style to your space. If you are unable to sew, you can secure the fabric with velcro.

Increase Storage Space Under Clothes

If you’re short on space, conceal your hanging clothes with a small dresser and shoe rack. The top of the dresser can be used to store accessories such as hats and jewelry.

Seasonally Reorganize

All out-of-season clothing should be stored either under the bed or in difficult-to-reach areas of your closet. This is also a good time to look for multi-functional furniture that can double as additional storage space for items you won’t need most of the time.

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Make Use of Modular Shelving

Another excellent way to create additional storage space for items that do not fit inside the closet? In your bedroom, install an étagère or modular shelving system. Hide the necessities and then display the prettiest items in plain view to double as decor. Additionally, brackets can be used to hang accessories.

Install Dedicated Task Lighting

A crowded closet makes it even more difficult to locate items, but you can help by installing a task light. Recessed lights are preferable when vertical space is limited, but a small sconce or adjacent sconce can also help.

Sliding Door Installation

You will never again have to walk from one end to the other in search of what you require. Bypass doors will save your life and are relatively simple to install. They’re excellent space savers, particularly in corners where two doors would swing into one another.

Purchase Shelf Dividers

While shoe organizers are convenient for storing sneakers, they can also be used to store bulky items such as sweaters that you don’t want to stretch out on a hanger. Additionally, rolling them into baskets is an excellent solution.

Clean Out Your Closet

Before you begin reorganizing the closet, conduct a thorough cleanout and determine who will receive the surplus items, whether it’s a friend, a favorite charity, a homeless shelter, or a local thrift store. Then, strategically organize clothing by type (for example, ensure that long items are hung high enough to avoid dragging on the floor).

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Inquire About Wicker Baskets

Stack storage baskets to organize shoes, jewelry, accessories, workout attire, and pajamas, among other items. You can stuff a lot into those bins without looking cluttered.

Enhance Your Skills

It’s as simple as adding another bar to your closet. For maximum versatility, choose a system that includes hooks. By adding a second level with a rod, you can double the amount of clothing you can store in your closet. Not to mention the side hooks for purses and other small accessories.

Make Use of a Coat Rack

It’s beneficial to purchase hangers that are specific to the item in order to maximize the limited space you do have. Pants, for example, have an open-ended design that allows them to easily slide on and off of pants hangers. Additionally, you’ll have more space in your closet because they hang flat against one another. However, if you truly lack space for bulkier items such as coats, keep a coat rack in the corner of your bedroom to keep things looking organized even if they must be out in plain view.

Utilize Office Supplies

Utilize your creativity when it comes to on-shelf storage. As it turns out, magazine files are the ideal shape for clutches, wristlets, and other small items. Additionally, this clears space on your desk or vanity table.

Arrange Your Shoes Keeping shoes organized is every girl’s nightmare, but don’t fret. When each shoe is facing the opposite direction, you can fit more pairs on a shelf. Consider installing some cubbies to assist in maintaining order.

Utilize All Available Space

Not to worry, your shoe obsession is in capable hands. A column of rods can transform an empty wall space into the ideal location for high heels storage.

Develop Your Creativity

Hang a branch on an empty wall to double as a rack to add additional hanging storage. It’s both functional and extremely stylish.

Hanging Accessory

Shower hooks are ideal for hanging purses on the hanger rod in your closet. Additionally, this method prevents handles from becoming misshapen. Alternatively, secure a sliding organizer to the interior door of your closet, which is ideal for hanging scarves and belts, to ensure easy access to the closet’s depths. Alternatively, create a “dressing room” in a corner near your small closet in your bedroom by hanging accessories on wall hooks and placing a vanity table and stool nearby.

Consider a techie

If your closet is clogged with nearly identical items, consider giving Stylebook a try. The app helps you keep track of everything you own and makes it simple to create new looks you weren’t aware you possessed.

Use a Mannequin 

A mannequin can be used to plan and display outfits or as a makeshift coat rack. It’s an attractive way to maintain organization in an open space such as a bedroom when your closet is too small. The way to go is with a vintage or antique-inspired option.

Make that Small Closet Work for You

Working on a Small Closet
Working on a Small Closet | Photo from Becca Mchaffie in Unsplash

Simply follow these tricks to avoid getting stressed out on how you can handle most of your stuff that needs to be stored in a proper closet. Although, we also remind you not to overhaul everything but you can reduce stuff that are not really of use for you. These tricks will surely help you out in living stress-free in your condo.

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