NFT Cryptocurrency: 5 Games To Play And Earn In 2022


NFT Cryptocurrency— Just like buying a condo as an investment, nowadays, people have learned to monetize their hobbies, turning what they like doing into money. They’ve done it in a variety of ways, but possibly the most popular is through video games. If you enjoy gaming even slightly more than the average person, you’ve probably gone on Twitch and watched a number of streams or more. Successful streamers may earn outrageous amounts of money, and to be on their side of the screen, would require years of gaming and grind for subscribers.

What most individuals fail to realize is that, at the end of the day, no matter how popular you are on Twitch or any other platform, you are only a product, not a brand. This is notably true for the majority of Free-to-Play (F2P) games, which you may download for free but must pay to advance. Nothing you acquire in these games is really yours. The developers have the right to terminate your account at any moment and for any reason. It’s written clearly in the T&C, which no one ever reads.

What is NFT?

At a time the crypto-market is undergoing a global expansion, the sector of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is also gathering intrigue. Built on the blockchain technology, NFTs are virtual representations of real-life items like video games, songs, and paintings among other stuff – that hold real monetary values and can be purchased using cryptocurrencies. The NFT sector has, in recent times, made its way into the multi-billion dollar gaming industry, leading to the creation of – NFT Games. Some of these games actually reward players with valuable crypto assets.

Play-to-earn (P2E) or no-fee (NFT) games follow a new business model that improves the gaming industry’s existing situation. Gamers may now play to make money instead of merely paying to play or playing for free but paying to win. The items you gain in these games are yours to keep and do as you wish.

Payouts are always made in bitcoin. Every P2E game has its own token, known as the governance token. As players proceed through the game, they continue to acquire these tokens, which they may subsequently swap for cryptocurrencies on a DEX or directly sell for cash.

The titles listed below either have a huge player base and excellent payouts or are receiving a lot of attention. We’re not going to list popular games like Axie Infinity since it became too pricey to play, especially for novices. The games we’ll be discussing have minimal entry barriers and are simple to grasp. Let’s get this party started.

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NFT Games To Play & Earn In 2022


MIR4 is a new MMORPG developed by WeMade Corporation from South Korea. The game supports 12 languages in 170 countries around the world. The game world is massive and is crowded with players and NPCs delivering much in-game content.

The game’s storyline is actually set as the sequel to the game that the same company launched back in October 2004, The Legend of MIR3 – which was hugely popular in South Korea and China. MIR4 has a play-to-earn feature and yet it can still be considered as a gacha game in many parts. To describe the game on surface value, Mir4 is part-blockchain-integrated and part-traditional.

Just like many other MMORPGs and similar mobile games, MIR4 is heavily incorporated with a pay-to-win system that is already familiar to a lot of us. Yet, if you really think about it, if the game offers play-to-earn features, just like in other blockchain games, the more you invest, the more earnings you can potentially have. Since MIR4 is also a blockchain game, then investing in it may not be such a bad idea after all.

NFT Game – Crazy Defense Heroes

This game’s business model has undergone a radical change. CDH was a basic free-to-play tower defense mobile game that evolved from its initial version, Crazy Kings. After putting in a lot of effort to add new features, the Animoca creators decided to make it a crypto-based play-to-earn game.

To acquire tokens, you must accumulate a particular number of points in the game each month. The developers decide how much to charge. In August, for example, participants needed to accumulate 250,000 points. After that, you’ll receive TOWER tokens in your wallet at the end of the month.

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NFT Game – Alien Worlds

This game is not as scary as its name sounds. In fact, it’s a lot of fun. You are a space explorer who mines rich resources around the cosmos. To do so, you’ll need tools, which might be expensive.

Mining allows players to acquire trillium (TLM) tokens, which they may payout at any time. The problem is that obtaining any materials with rudimentary equipment takes an extremely long period. You may keep grinding until you have enough money to buy a better tool, or you can buy them on the market. You can also sell your sparkling tools to other players as NFTs.

Guild of Guardians

In terms of aesthetics, Guild or Guardians is a more ornate title. There is a clear resemblance to famous games such as Mobile Legends. Heroes and other things are collected by players using in-game cash earned by performing tasks. You may also put money into it to increase your chances of acquiring them. Rare heroes are extremely valuable and may be sold as NFTs on the market.

The element of chance is what makes GoG so intriguing. A fresh new player’s first spin might result in a highly rare hero. Someone who has been playing for months, on the other hand, may still wind up with a subpar collection.

Gods Unchained

When most people think of trading cards, they think of Magic the Gathering or Hearthstone. Gods Unchained is a good illustration of these games. The game’s mechanics are a little odd, but you don’t really play it for that. The objective here is to gather uncommon cards, which may be quite valuable. Their worth grows over time as the game attracts more participants. Winning isn’t that tough if you’re patient or prepared to pay a little to get a leg up.

The game is free to play, and you may earn GODS tokens, which can be exchanged for real money. These tokens are still much below the $1 level, but you can earn a lot of them in a day, so the payout isn’t too bad.

The games listed here are only a few of today’s trendsetters. There are many more to explore and earn magnificent tokens to finally make your way into Axie Infinity. Before beginning an NFT game, keep in mind that they are intended to generate cash rather than to satisfy specific desires. Don’t anticipate high-quality visuals or a lore-filled journey. We have peer-to-peer games for that.

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