10 Ways to Achieve a Zen Space in Your Condo

Designing Tips for a Zen Space in your Condo

Do you require a Zen room or meditation space in your condominium?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to finally be free of today’s pandemic fears and stress? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could simply retreat and detox in the comfort of your condo unit? It certainly sounds as though you require a space for meditation. However, due to limited space, creating space for yoga and other stress-busting activities can be a significant challenge for some. The good news is that you can use these simple apartment design plans and ideas to create your Zen zone and unwind after a long day.

1. Allow light to Shine

Indoor Light to Achieve Zen
Indoor Light to Achieve Zen | Photo from Ricko Pan in Unsplash

Do you prefer morning meditation? Morning yoga in your Zen space under bright, natural light can reawaken your senses. When you take in bright light, the nerve cells in your retina send messages to the brain’s internal clock. This will benefit your circadian rhythm, which is responsible for synchronizing your physiological processes with the 24-hour solar cycle.

Locate an area in the interior design of your condo unit that is close to the windows. You may wish to remove some furniture and fixtures; ensure that the area is dust-free. Substitute your yoga mat or bean bag for furniture to create your own Zen meditation space.

2. Turn to your Balcony

As previously stated, natural light is beneficial to the body. According to a study conducted by North Carolina State University, natural light increases your body’s vitamin D store. It has numerous benefits, including improved vision, improved sleep quality, and improved mood. Wouldn’t it be nice to soak up the morning sun in its natural state?

To accomplish this, you can transform your balcony (if your condo unit has one) into a personal Zen living space by cleaning it and adding your yoga mat, small bamboo furniture, and some plants to further enhance the relaxing mood. At the very least, you now have a location for rainy-day weekend activities.

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3. Bring the Plants Inside

Indoor Plants to Feel the Zen
Indoor Plants to Feel the Zen | Photo from Scott Webb in Unsplash

This requires plants that can purify the air prior to, during, and after meditation. This will assist you in relaxing and maintaining a stress-free state throughout your meditation. You can purchase succulents, snake plants, or aloe vera as houseplants. These plants are said to produce a high amount of oxygen and are suitable for indoor use due to their low maintenance requirements.

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4. Utilize Bamboo in Flooring and Furniture

Did you know that simply looking at bamboo can help you relax? Yes, there is a study on the effects of bamboo on adults that demonstrates its sedative properties. To aid in relaxation in your meditation space, incorporate bamboo floor tiles and furniture.

Additionally, you can cover your walls with cut bamboo to create the illusion of being surrounded by bamboo plants. Before making any changes to the walls of your condo unit, it’s a good idea to present your interior design sketch to the building’s administrators for approval to avoid any complications.

5. Construct a Zen Garden

Zen gardens are said to emit a serene energy that is ideal for meditation. If your apartment design layout allows for it, you could create a small Zen garden. If you don’t, then perhaps your balcony can serve as a safe haven. Construct a small platform and encircle it with small, smooth rocks. Another minimalist apartment design idea is to create an indoor Zen garden using rock tiles. Again, having one constructed requires the approval of your condominium’s administrator.

6. Organize your Space

A cluttered, disorganized condo is a haven for stress. If you return home brimming with tension, the chances are you’ll dump it all on the next person you speak with if you live in a cramped, cluttered apartment design.

To create a guided meditation space in your condo, begin by cleaning and decluttering your unit. Consider additional apartment design inspirations for minimalists; this way, you can create a spacious layout that will assist you in de-stressing. If you have an excessive amount of furniture and personal items that you no longer use but are unable to dispose of.

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7. Create the Appearance of a Professional Studio

If you live alone in a two- or three-bedroom condo unit, you can transform one of the rooms into an authentic yoga studio. You must decide on a theme for your studio. It can be minimalist, industrial, cottage, or Japanese style—whatever appeals to you or helps you unwind once inside the room.

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8. Warm it Up

Warm it Up to Achieve Zen
Warm it Up to Achieve Zen | Photo from Denis Oliveira in Unsplash

Certain individuals simply require a playroom in which they can unwind and disconnect from everyone and everything going on around them. They require a cozy, secure room in which to release tension and stress. As a Zen space solution, choose a location that appeals to you. This is the time to incorporate scents, adjust the lighting, settle into a comfortable chair, wrap yourself in a blanket, and listen to calming music while gathering your thoughts.

In your room, you could hang a hammock or a bean bag. Keep a candle burner and some essential oil nearby. If you’re concerned about the possibility of an accident, invest in an electric essential oil diffuser. Bring your favorite blanket and listen to stress-free nature music to help you unwind.

9. Utilize Gentle Hues

Natural Hues for the Condo
Natural Hues for the Condo | Photo from Ha Nguy in Unsplash

Do you lack the space necessary to create your own meditation space? By incorporating soft colors into your bedroom, you can learn how to create a meditation space. There are five interior design color schemes that you can use to create a relaxing bedroom.

Purple’s stress-relieving shade Lavender is ideal for apartment design. Soft Green can impart a sense of tranquility and contentment. While Pale Blue can help lower blood pressure by reflecting the color of a clear day’s sky. Soft Gray can exude a very calming aura. Additionally, Deep Blue has a calming effect.

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10. Maintain Simplicity and Clear a Corner

You do not need to invest a lot of money to create a meditation space. Simply return to interior design fundamentals and clear a corner. You are not even required to understand how to design an apartment. You can remove or avoid touching distracting items such as the television remote, your mobile phone, or your laptop. It can be located anywhere in the condo unit, as long as you feel comfortable remaining there until the meditation is complete.

Ready to Design your Condo Zen Space?

Finding a place to unwind and meditate should not be difficult or expensive, even if you live in a condo. The limited amount of available space should not prevent you from creating a Zen area in which to de-stress and realign yourself. Hopefully, these suggestions will assist you in establishing that much-needed safe area.

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