Ultimate Disadvantages of Buying a High-rise Condo

Disadvantages of High Rise Condo

For a variety of reasons, high-rise condo is desirable to live in. It increases your chances of having a more social life, as you will have a large network of neighbors. Your children are surrounded by many people. The builder has designated areas for recreational activities such as swimming, participating in various sports, walking, and exercising. There are numerous community events that infuse your life with a sense of celebration.

Other amenities, such as a grocery store and a medical center, significantly simplify your life. Generally, there is an excellent security system in place at the front gate that ensures that all visitors to the building are recorded. All of this adds up to make living in a multi-story building very appealing. However, there are some drawbacks to living in a multi-story structure that you should be aware of to make the best decision for your home.

1. Interference by Neighbors

Occasionally, in a multi-story building, you will have neighbors on both sides and across from you. This has several disadvantages. You may desire solitude but must contend with noisy neighbors. Alternatively, you may wish to invite a few friends over, and your neighbors may complain about the disruption you caused. You will need to be extremely tolerant and adaptable to maintain positive relationships with the neighbors.

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2. Elevators and Power

Today, most multi-story buildings are equipped with generators to help mitigate the problem of frequent power outages. However, both the electricity and the generator can fail. Alternatively, the lifts may fail. In these instances, you will have to brace yourself to ascend several floors. This may be extremely difficult for elderly people. You could inquire about the builder’s backup systems.

3. Difficulty in Entering and Exiting

Living in a high-rise condo suggests you in a position where you are heavily reliant on an elevator. And that may mean spending considerable time waiting for one each time you enter or exit your home.

Consider having a dog that requires walking four or five times a day. Suddenly, a five-minute stroll becomes a fifteen-minute one when you factor in the time spent waiting for the elevator. And good luck if your elevator breaks down — climbing 18 flights of stairs to get home may be an excellent workout, but it’s less enjoyable when you’re carrying groceries or a baby.

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4. Without a view from the balcony

The higher you are in the high-rise condo, the more likely you will have only a distant view. Additionally, sitting out on the balcony may be quite windy.

5. Maintenance difficulty

With a larger floor area to maintain, high-rise condo maintenance becomes tedious and costly. Your common area maintenance bill could skyrocket. Consider this cost before purchasing a home in a high-rise building. Painting a high-rise structure is also a time-consuming task.

6. Difficulties associated with repair work

When a building is flush with the ground (for the sake of a sleek appearance), installing and maintaining air conditioners, repairing a leaking pipeline, and so on become extremely difficult.

In these instances, technicians and plumbers must erect scaffolding and take unnecessary risks to perform minor repairs. Inquire with the builder or other residents about the safeguards in place to ensure safe and simple repair work.

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7. Internet and Television connections that are erratic

In multi-story condominium buildings, the number of internet and television dishes is staggering, and the way they are installed on the rooftop is completely disorganized. As a result, owners are unaware of which dish is theirs.

The rooftop’s disorganized wiring also detracts from the terrace space. If the condominium association employs a manager who is responsible for all TV and Internet connections and repairs on the rooftop, this issue can be mitigated.

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8. Difficulty in maintaining a pet

Even if the association does not have a rule prohibiting pets in the condominium complex, taking your dog for a walk becomes more difficult if you live on the upper floors.

9. Fewer Spaces

In general, high-rise condominium complexes cram a large number of people into smaller spaces. While this is not always the case, it is a common symptom of condo living in general, units in high-rise buildings can feel claustrophobic in certain cities.

10. Transporting Massive Objects

Another disadvantage to consider – not just on move-in day, but throughout your time living in a condominium – is the difficulty associated with moving large pieces of furniture and appliances. It’s difficult to add or remove furniture up and down stairs in a high-rise building, and the space available in hallways and corridors is typically much smaller. You can always hire a mover but expect to pay more than you would if you lived in a more accessible building.

11. Cost of the Investment

Residential high-rises are marketed as premium projects, and developers charge more as you ascend in search of a better view. Therefore, these condos are more expensive than other housing options and frequently cost an arm and a leg. However, regional differences may exist depending on a city’s geographic location. For example, higher floors command a premium in a city like Mumbai, which is wracked by congested roads and slum expansion.

12. Concerns About Disabilities

Living on a higher floor can be difficult, even more so if you or a family member has a disability. While societies are equipped with a fail-safe evacuation plan in the event of an emergency, there is always a chance that the plan will fail at the last minute. Escaping the building can become a frightening prospect if the evacuation plan is unsuccessful for any reason.

Is a High-rise Condo the Right Choice for you?

High-rise Condo Living
High-rise Condo Living | Photo from Milan Gaziev in Unsplash

If you’re considering renting a condo in a city, a high-rise may provide an excellent living environment. Additionally, if you’re considering becoming a property owner, a high-rise condo may be a wise investment.

Having said that, not all skyscrapers are created equal. Conduct research prior to signing a lease or purchase agreement. If possible, speak with other building residents and enquire about their experiences. Is the property management company trustworthy? Is the elevator frequently out of service? These are the questions you should ask yourself prior to making a commitment.

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