Your Affordable Condo Home is Here​!

Under the flagship brand of Vista land & Lifescapes, Inc., Camella has elevated its home initiatives into a new form of living which is Camella Manors . Camella Manors are vertical villages ideally situated at the heart of Vista Land’s communicities offering holistic lifestyle to its residents.

Our mission at Camella Manors is to provide high quality and exclusive condominium villages that carry the distinctive beauty and refreshing ambiance of Camella Home developments with pride and authenticity.

Camella Manors further its thrust in elevating condo living through these 5 Towers of Commitment:

Philippines – Affordable Condos for Sale | Camella Manors
Condo with Jogging Path – Camella Manors
Condo with Swimming Pool – Camella Manors

Our Founder

The Helmsman

As an eminent figure in Philippine business, politics, and public service, Mr. Manny Villar is the chairman and founder of Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. and all of its assets.

His remarkable thrust is to build affordable homes for the Filipino people that they could call as their own. Likewise, he also envisioned building communicities or community in a city where the well-being of every Filipino families is put into a premium through an elevated form of living.

Mr. Manny Villar

Chairman of Vista Land and Lifescapes

Manny Villar | Vista Land Chairman
Always a favorite

With 40 years of experience and proven track record in real estate development, Camella has established itself as a household name and, in fact, the Most Trusted real estate brand among Filipinos.


What makes Camella stand out from the competition is its mastery of affordable housing. Nobody comes close in offering quality and value-for-money house and lot packages that Filipino families could fit in their budget and be truly proud of.

Life made beautiful

As the largest homebuilder in the Philippines, Vista Land continues its development initiatives in providing quality homes for every Filipino with over 400,000 homes built in more than 40 provinces and 128 cities and municipalities across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao which cater all clients from all income segments at every point of the home ownership spectrum (i.e. first homes, upgrade homes,  urban developments, lifestyle communities). 


Among the real-estate players, Vista Land is a game changer with expert craftsmanship in transforming barren lands into communicities that are fully integrated with residential, retail, commercial, education, healthcare, and transport sectors.