Importance of Having a second Home

Why is it Important to Own a Second Home?

Owning a second home in the Philippines does not mean it is only for the well-off individuals or families. Today,…

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Indoor Plants for Condo Interior | Condo in the Philippines | Camella Manors

How to Keep Indoor Plants Healthy In Your Condo

Green living is gradually becoming a more integral part of daily life, and most people are willing to make green…

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Work-life balance at camella manors

How To Avoid Workplace Burnout

Workplace burnout can manifest itself in a variety of ways; including withdrawal from social activities, chronic stress, health problems, emotional…

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Work-Life Balance | Camella Manors

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is not a goal, it is a state of being. It is a never-ending cycle that we must…

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Condo Upgrades to Increase Market Value - Camella Manors

Five Condo Upgrades You Can Try to Increase Market Value

Condo upgrades can be done to improve your condo’s overall curb appeal, give it a fresh style, add extra storage…

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RFO Condo in Davao - Northpoint Davao - Camella Manors - Building Perspective in a pine-filled community

The Best British-themed Community in Davao

Have you ever found the best British-themed community in Metro Davao? You might be looking at some good, themed properties…

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Millionaire Mindset - Camella Manors

7 Ways on How to Achieve a Millionaire Mindset

Your mindset is the most important factor in determining whether or not you succeed in life. It’s easy to lose…

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Ways to Design your Condo Balcony | Camella Manors

How to Level Up your Condo Balcony Design

Staying in a small, spaced home like a condominium will let you love the presence of having a balcony or…

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Travel-themed Condo Interior Design | Camella Manors

How to Achieve a Travel-themed Condo Interior Design

Dressing up and designing your condo unit will say and reflect who you are as an individual. If you are…

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Start Renting out Your Condo to Earn Income | Affordable Condo Philippines | Camella Manors

How to Achieve a Minimalist Condo Interior

The most challenging problem for a minimalist condo unit is to make the most of the limited space available to…

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