Pristine Beaches in the Philippines

Four Most Expensive Beach Resorts in the Philippines

Beach Resorts in the Philippines | Dreaming about that elegant and deluxe vacation? I know we are all dreaming about that.…

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Ways to Prepare Kitchen for the Holidays

10 Ways To Ready Your Kitchen For Christmas

There’s no denying that the kitchen is the busiest part of the house this holiday season. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and…

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Living Room Christmas Designs

How to Dress your Living Room for the Holidays

Considered as the heart of every home, the living room is a communal space where we gather around the Christmas…

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Christmas as the Time to Buy a Condo in the Philippines

Is Christmas the Best time to Buy a Condo in the Philippines?

As December approaches, the official start of the Christmas season in the Philippines will occur, and it may also be…

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Christmas Traditions of Filipinos

12 Christmas Traditions in the Philippines

Each country has its own set of Christmas traditions, but the Filipinos excel at them. After all, we celebrate Christmas…

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Condos for Christmas Staycation

Why Are Condos the Best Christmas Staycation Option?

Oftentimes, families prefer to celebrate Christmas staycation in their hometown. Additionally, there is a growing trend of simply visiting a nearby…

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How to Design a Studio Unit

Best Tips on Designing a Studio Unit

When designed well, living in a studio unit can be quite cozy. You would not want to live in an…

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Pros and Cons of Buying Condo for Sale in the Philippines

Pros and Cons of Buying a Condo for Sale in the Philippines

Investing in real estate is probably the safest bet and purchasing a condo for sale in the Philippines may be…

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How to Design Rustic Interior for your Condo

How to Design a Rustic Interior for Your Condo

Rustic interior design brings the outdoors in and incorporates earthy elements into furniture and décor, such as wood, burlap, jute,…

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Best Pasalubong from OFWs this Holiday

Best Pasalubong from Returning OFWs this Holiday

Whether you are an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) visiting the Philippines for vacation or a traveler returning from a business…

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