New Normal Wedding Celebrations Set Intimacy into Fuller View this 2021

New Normal Wedding in an Outdoor Landscape - Camella Manors

The global pandemic had literally turned the tables around with the drastic changes it brought, especially on how we live our lives. It made intimacy even more appreciated as health protocols compel every activity with mass gathering to be at a minimum. In fact, couples nowadays are confronted with the new normal wedding setup with only the closest of relatives and friends present around.

When you realize it, you will notice that grandiose weddings are now a thing in the past. With the health protocols and the COVID-19 transmission still in place, it seems too bleak to hope of going back to how weddings are celebrated before. Even with the continuous COVID-19 vaccine rollout in the country, new normal wedding celebrations will continue to be the growing trend until the end of the year.

Despite the continues threat of the pandemic, nothing should stop true love from winning. At the end of the day, what matters most is both couples still have the chance to make the start of their road to forever memorable.  

On Intimate New Normal Wedding

Wedding is really the most anticipated event in the life of a person as it only happens once in a lifetime. Hence, every person wants this day to become one of the best days of his life. However, the pandemic has limited the mobility of the people. If you are dreaming to hold a grand wedding, then the pandemic will greatly burst your bubble because of the limitations for social gatherings. Nonetheless, this ongoing trend of having intimate new normal weddings has a lot of advantages on your end.

Advantages of Having a New Normal Wedding

First, an intimate new normal wedding will give you the chance to invite only who matters in your life. Consequently, it will give you the leverage of preserving your budget for the other things that you will do other than the wedding celebration. Likewise, the excess budget can be spent to making your honeymoon better than what was planned before. On the other hand, the excess budget can be saved for future use, particularly to the needs of your future family.

Second, having intimate new normal wedding will bring your vows to life despite the restrictions. Well, intimate or not, you still have witnesses on that day. Besides, it will keep you and your loved ones safe. Usually, an intimate new normal wedding consists of only your close relatives and friends. In this way, contact tracing will become easier as you know your guests too well. Moreover, you have the vivid idea of where they will be coming from.

Finally, the intimacy of new normal wedding will let you appreciate more the value of family and relationships. The intimacy in the wedding will resonate to you and your husband as you will be filled with lots of love and support from the people dearest to you. You will then recognize that what makes every wedding worthwhile is not about the material, but more on relational.

8 Ways to Make your New Normal Wedding Worthwhile

In order to make your new normal wedding relational and worthwhile, you need to set a mindset towards building memories on your special day.

1. A-list the Special Ones

New Normal Wedding - Camella Manors - Affordable Condo in the Philippines
Photo by Patrick Jansen on Unsplash

Since New Normal Weddings are more on intimate celebrations, then you should prioritize those who are closest to your heart. This may include your immediate family, the wedding entourage, and your best buddies for life.

Given the pandemic situation, those who will not be able to part of the face-to-face new normal wedding celebration will surely understand it. At the end of the day, it is not the quantity that counts, but the thought that those who are special in your life are present that day.

2. Send Out Digital Invitations

Sending Digital Invitations is now a practice in a new normal wedding - Camella Manors - Condo in the Philippines
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Are you worried how you can distribute the wedding invitations with the interzonal limitations? Well, worry no more!

With the help of technology, you can definitely reach them in a breeze. In this new normal wedding trend, sending out invitations digitally is lit! In fact, you can be creative in doing so. For example, you can send out a digital flipbook or a personalized video.

3. Choose the Best Sit-in Course

New Normal Wedding - Sit-in Course - Camella Manors - Affordable Condo in the Philippines
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Social distancing is already the new normal this 2021. With this, having buffets in your new normal wedding celebration is highly discouraged. Therefore, you should choose the best sit-in course that your guests will truly delight to.

In this regard, the food will be directly hand over in their respective tables. With this limitation to choose their own course, it is a must that you keep in check the quality and quantity of food that you will present.

4. Meet with Suppliers Online

Most brides-to-be are now meeting their suppliers and wedding coordinators online. Well, ideas are still ideas regardless of the venue. What you should take into consideration is the execution of these brilliant ideas.

5. Say your “I do” in an Al Fresco Landscape

New Normal Wedding in an Outdoor Landscape - Camella Manors
Photo by Shardayyy Photography on Unsplash

Grand wedding celebrations are now a thing in the past with the ongoing pandemic. Hence, you might consider choosing an outdoor venue that will really add the ambiance on your special day.

For example, you can do it in a mini garden, a private resort, or even in your own backyard! Having your wedding in an outdoor setting will allow the air to circulate even better. Thus, it will reduce the risk of virus transmission.

6. Launch your New Normal Wedding Live

Record your New Normal Wedding Celebration Live - Camella Manors
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On the other hand, you need to consider the other guests that are important to you. Thus, you may opt to set up a new normal wedding live video in your social media platforms. In this way, everyone will know about your new normal wedding celebration. Subsequently, they may even send appreciation and gifts to you!

7. Setup a Virtual After Party

Who says that new normal weddings are not fun?

You can still continue the fun by establishing a virtual after party. You may hire someone or tap a friend to host your virtual after party. Moreover, you can play virtual games and win prizes together.

No matter the distance, what matter’s most is your new normal wedding celebration has been made possible.

8. Create Personalized Giveaways

Personalized Giveaways - Camella Manors
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Finally, you should consider having personalized giveaways such as personalized alcohol, mask, and the like, especially to your guests who attended your new normal wedding physically. Above all, this is the trend nowadays!

Camella Manors: Your Forever Home

Affordable Condo in Lipa - Community Perspective
Affordable Condo in Lipa – Community Perspective

Nonetheless, new normal wedding celebrations will not be complete without a home that you will spend the rest of your days together. Moreover, you need a home that will really give all your lifestyle needs. Hence, choose Camella Manors because our community is present nationwide. In addition, the community is endowed with resort-themed amenities that will let you feel as if you are in a vacation every day.

Above all, Camella Manors gives you a value-for-money investment as your property will continue to increase in value given the continuous developments in its strategic areas.

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