Getting Vaccinated is the New Trend

Getting Vaccinated is a new trend - Camella Manors

With the sprawling Delta variant cases around the world, many countries are starting to conduct various inoculation strategies to expedite the process towards herd immunity. One of these is the mix and match of COVID vaccines as well as the possibility of giving third doses. This entails that there is a need for more people to get vaccinated.

Despite the pressing need for herd immunity, there are still a lot of people who are hesitant to receive their COVID-19 vaccination. Some were anxious because of vaccine misinformation while others are worried about the adverse effects after vaccination. However, one needs to realize that vaccines work and it has cured a lot of incurable diseases before such as the poliomyelitis. Imagine not being able to receive vaccination since birth. Subsequently, it leaves one vulnerable to severe diseases or even death.

There are a lot of advantages when it comes to receiving your COVID-19 vaccines. It actually gives you more benefit than risk. In fact, the COVID-19 virus poses higher risk of severity than receiving inoculation.

Getting Vaccinated Poses More Benefit

Being vaccinated is just like driving a car. You know that driving a car has more benefit of leading you conveniently to your destination. On the contrary, it leaves a lesser risk of falling into a car crash because it only happens in isolation. Likewise, you ride an airplane knowing that the benefit of going to another border is higher than the risk of getting into a plane crash. These two scenarios are just examples of benefit over risk in vaccinations. The benefit of protection is higher than the risk of hospitalization and fatality.

Are you still hesitant whether you’ll receive your first jab? Then, here are the stories of the people who received vaccination. With the stories of the vaccinated, you will know that getting a jab is not worrisome at all.

The Stories of the Vaccinated: People Partaking Towards Herd Immunity

We have interviewed the vaccinated from diverse profiles across the Philippines. They shared some of their vaccination experiences. Also, they are having the same call towards inoculation to those who are vaccine hesitant.

The Testimony of a Vaccinated Senior (A2 Category)

One of the vaccine recipients is a senior citizen (61 years old). He received the 2-dose regimen of AstraZeneca. According to him, AstraZeneca was actually his preferred brand. He also told Camella Manors that he was able to get vaccinated by registering in the local government unit of Pasay. As an Account Manager, he is less afraid of the virus now.

Senior Citizens are now getting vaccinated - Condo in Bacolod - Camella Manors Bacolod
Senior Citizens are now getting vaccinated | Photo from Unsplash

He had prior worries before vaccination. “Yes [I had vaccine worries] because of [the] reports that states that these vaccines are [for] emergency use and [it] does not constitute to [the] total eradication of covid19 plus there can be long term side effects.” During his time in the vaccination center, he said that he just felt a little nervous about it. He recalled that he had a slight chilling from 10 PM to 3 AM only. This happened after receiving the first dose. On the other hand, he had not experienced any side effects from his booster shot.

He insisted that getting vaccinated is still important “for health reasons and also for economic recovery.” Moreover, his advice is to “pray and discern.”

The Story of a Vaccinated Person with Comorbidity (A3 Category)

Sales Officer in Davao

Testimony of the Sales Officer in Davao who got vaccinated - Affordable Condo in Bacolod - Camella Manors Bacolod
The Story of the Sales Officer in Davao who got vaccinated | Photo from XFrame

A 31-year-old person with comorbidity was able to receive his preferred vaccine brand which was Pfizer. He got his first dose by registering at the local government unit of Davao. As a Sales Officer, he thinks that getting vaccinated is important in order to “protect not only oneself but more importantly the people around you who may be more vulnerable.”

Compared with the testimony of the vaccinated senior, this 31-year-old has confidence to the efficacy of the COVID vaccines. He said that “I trust that my chances of surviving a possible infection is higher through inoculation”

When he went to the vaccination site, he had observed that the “queue was long but the entire system was in order and comfortable.”

After getting vaccinated, the only side effect that he experienced was a fever. Moreover, he felt a sense of security and he has better chances of surviving it. With this experience, his advice for the vaccine hesitant is “people fear what they do not know. It’s always helpful to educate oneself and make choices that will benefit not only oneself but the community we belong to.”

Liaison Officer in Davao

Story of the Vaccinated Liaison Officer - Resort-themed Condo in Bacolod- Camella Manors Bacolod
Story of the Vaccinated Liaison Officer | Photo from XFrame

A 35-year-old liaison officer in Davao, who has comorbidity, shared her jab experience with us. According to her, she was able to get her 1st jab via LGU registration. Moreover, Pfizer was her preferred vaccine brand. The only side effect that she experienced was fever.

Prior to inoculation, she said that “I have no worries about vaccination. I am fully aware that these vaccines are safe and went through clinical trials prior to its release. The webinar initiated by our company encouraged me to take whatever brand available. Good thing I got my preferred brand.”

She further adds that her vaccine experience went well and “the system and accommodation were smooth. I did not feel any pain during vaccination. I also felt heaviness on my shoulder. Felt feverish for a while and kinda tired, but I took paracetamol and it helped a lot.”

Better than having nothing

Even though she just received her 1st dose, she said that she still felt more protected. “This is better than having nothing.  My line of work is getting along with a lot of people. The inoculation will help me boost my confidence. However, I still need to be careful. She believes that getting vaccinated is important because you “can have higher antigen in the body and more immunity. You will have that protection against severe infections.”

Above all, she left some wise words to inspire those who are still vaccine hesitant. “Consider yourself, consider the family around you, consider your colleagues. Let’s be part of the solution. The government is working so hard to provide us with free vaccine, grab it when you have the chance. It is important to have the protection you need than nothing at all. If you are uncertain, educate yourself, ask experts and be more aware of the science behind it. At the end of the day, what’s more important at this time is your life. Health is Wealth!”

Thoughts of a Vaccinated Frontline Personnel in Essential Sectors (A4 Category)

Laboratory Analyst in Quezon City

Testimony of a Vaccinated Laboratory Analyst - Condo in Bacolod - Camella Manors Bacolod
Testimony of a Vaccinated Laboratory Analyst | Photo by Julia Koblitz on Unsplash

Similar with the other vaccine recipient, a 23-year-old laboratory analyst in Quezon City has been vaccinated via LGU registration. However, she did not receive her preferred vaccine brand. Instead of Pfizer, she received the 2-dose regimen of Sinovac. According to her, she prefers Pfizer. It is because “the vaccine was made by a well-known company and I like the technology used. I was given Sinovac because there is no other available brand of vaccine in the Vaccination Site, and I just want my mom and I to get vaccinated. We don’t mind what brand will be given to us. Thus, any brand that is available in the vaccination site is fine.”

Vaccination also means caring for others

With Sinovac, she experienced headaches on her 1st and 2nd dose. Nevertheless, she still sees vaccination as important because “it can keep us from getting hospitalized and we will not overcrowd the hospitals and overwork our doctors, nurses, and all the hospital staff.” As a fully vaccinated individual, “I feel protected and my worries about the virus are slightly gone because the Senior citizen in our home was already vaccinated. But, I’m still afraid for other people who are not vaccinated so I still strictly follow safety protocols to protect other people. Also, the safety protocols are now part of my day so I cannot avoid it and I cannot imagine being too close with people.”

Just like most of the vaccine recipients, she also has worries prior vaccination. She said, “I had worries at first because the vaccine was made at a very short period of time and I felt that the study was not enough. I read what happened to Israel and other countries after vaccinating most of its population.  I was relieved and I eventually would want to get vaccinated too.”

“If they want to get back to normal, they should get vaccinated or if they do not want to get vaccinated they should still stay at home to avoid being a super spreader and catching Covid-19 then getting hospitalized,” she advised.

Self-Employed in Quezon City

Testimony of a Vaccinated Self-employed - Affordable Condo in Bacolod - Camella Manors Bacolod
Testimony of a Vaccinated Self-employed | Photo from XFrame

According to a 31-year-old vaccine recipient from Quezon City, she was able to receive her vaccine by registering to the local government unit. She was able to get her preferred brand which is Pfizer. She emphasizes that vaccines are important because “this does not just protect you alone, but also those around you, especially the ones closest to you.”

For those vaccine hesitant, she advised to “study, do your research if necessary. The vaccines came from a thorough research of medical professionals who took their oath to protect humanity.”

Government Employee in Isabela

Testimony of a Vaccinated Government Employee - Condo in Bacolod - Camella Manors Bacolod
Testimony of a Vaccinated Government Employee | Photo from XFrame

A 23-year-old government employee in Cabagan, Isabela has shared her vaccine experience with us. According to her, she was able to get the vaccine through their company initiative. Among the vaccine recipients, she was the only one who received a Russian-made Sputnik V vaccine. Interestingly, it is her preferred vaccine brand.

In her first dose, she felt pain on the injection site, heaviness of arm, chills, and fever. Despite the side effects, she said that “I feel great. I honestly am happy to receive vaccination. It does make me feel less afraid. Having more protection is always better than none.” She further explains that being vaccinated is really of high importance.

A step towards herd immunity

“Vaccination is a step towards herd immunity. It will be easier to counter the virus and a high possibility that it will eradicate sooner. I think we must also take this step for our exhausted hospital workers who have had it hard since the virus began to spread. Doing this would definitely ease their burden, and we kay soon go back to our  normal lives. Where we can work to make ends meet, travel anywhere, have a social gathering without being judged, meet your relatives and loved ones freely.”

Similar with the other testimonies of vaccine recipients, she told Camella Manors that “I did have a small fear about what the side effects would be, but I was mostly excited that I would finally have an extra layer of protection from the dreaded COVID-19.”

The Vaccine Process in a Nutshell

She reiterated her experience while she was in the vaccination site. “There weren’t a lot of people. There were different tents that you have to go through. You had to first register your personal details and medical history on a form. Then, you may proceed on the interview where there were questions about your medical history and the like. Afterward, they would proceed to take your blood pressure. After that you will be guided where they will brief you about the vaccine, the guidelines, and precautions you must follow. They will also brief you about the side effects that you might experience. Next, you will proceed to the actual vaccination area.

Next, you have to go through a room where there will be post-vaccination monitoring for 15 mins. After 15 minutes with no serious effects from the vaccine, your blood pressure will be taken and your vaccination card will be signed. You can see the date of the next vaccination on your card. Lastly, you may now go home and rest.”

A Piece of Advice

Finally, she left some piece of advice to those who are still vaccine hesitant. “Think of the hardships you have faced since this pandemic began. Think of the other people who cannot return to their daily lives and those whose work hadto be halted and are having a hard time paying for their food every day. We cannot achieve normal just by sitting this out. This is the move we have to take. Think again of the lives that have been lost because of this virus. The declining economy. To those who are hesitating let me ask you this, do you want things to go back to normal? Do you want your old carefree lives back? Then, take the initiative to protect yourselves and your loved ones and be vaccinated today.”

Dental Assistant in Jersey City in New Jersey, USA

Testimony of a Vaccinated Dental Assistant - Condo in Bacolod - Camella Manors Bacolod
Testimony of a Vaccinated Dental Assistant | Photo by Geo Days from Unsplash

A 32-year-old dental assistant in the U.S. shared her jab experience with us. She is fully vaccinated with the 2-dose regimen of Moderna. As she received the 1st dose, she felt no side effects. However, the 2nd dose gave her chills and headache. Nonetheless, she feels safer after getting vaccinated. It gave her a relief, especially now with the ongoing threats of new variants. As an advice, she encourages those who are vaccine hesitant to “just do it because you’re protecting yourself and other people as well.”

More Advice from the Vaccine Recipients

Be inspired with the words of advice coming from the other people who got vaccinated.

“Protect your family by being vaccinated.”

– Pfizer Recipient, Medical Technologist in USA.

“Scientific study gives us the assurance that it went thorough process in order to ensure efficacy and effectivity rather than making assumption or baseless accusation against the vaccine.”

– AstraZeneca Recipient, Scholarship Coordinator in Manila.

“It is important to get vaccinated to able to have some protection from the virus.”

–  Sinovac Recipient, Professional Teacher in Manila.

Finally, a more straightforward advice coming from an 18-year-old student in Valenzuela City. “If you don’t want to be vaccinated, then when? If you are sick and dying in the hospital?”

Be part of making Camella Manors a Healthy Space

No matter what brand will be given to you, the best vaccine is indeed the one available. Imagine celebrating Christmas this year with your loved ones. No more social distancing, face masks, and face shields.

Night View of a Condo in Bacolod | Camella Manors Olvera
Camella Manors is a safe and healthy space to live in. | Camella Manors Bacolod

Let us all together build a safe and healthy community. Be a proactive Camella Manors resident and get vaccinated today!

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