Five Effective Ways to Reduce Condo Electricity Bill

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Electricity prices are something that we all strive to keep as low as possible. Nobody wants to receive a high-priced electricity bill. The good news is that you have more influence over the result of your bill than you may believe. We frequently forget that our own actions (or lack thereof) affect, at least in part, the ultimate amount shown on the invoice. To help you save up and reduce condo electricity bill, Camella Manors presents these five effective and helpful ways for you to try.

We’ve all heard the time-honored advice to avoid overusing power. “Turn off the lights when you leave the room,” “Don’t sleep with the TV on,” and “Unplug your appliances,” to name a few. These suggestions are useful, but you may go even farther to reduce your expenses.

Five proactive steps to lower the cost of your condo energy bill:

Do an energy audit

An energy audit will assist you in determining where the most energy is consumed in your unit. An energy audit can show you where you need to cut back on energy consumption, replace appliances that use too much energy due to inefficiency (for example, old refrigerators that have to work very hard to do their job), or update electrical work within your condo unit that may be causing energy leaks.

Weatherize your condo

While an energy audit is focused on the electrical components in your unit, weatherizing is concerned with the outside elements and how they influence the interior of your condominium. When the elements from outside seep into your apartment (for example, cold air flowing in via a window in the winter), your energy bills will rise as your heating systems struggle to combat those elements. Common “problem areas” discovered during an evaluation include:

Windows and doors that aren’t properly sealed. To protect the outside elements from coming inside, these doors and windows may need to be refitted or contain caulking and weather stripping.

Electrical outlets and switches are problematic since their placement necessitates a hole in the wall, which might enable a draft to enter. A foam insulation kit may readily address this problem.

Window coverings that save energy

Windows have a significant influence on the cost of heating and cooling a condominium. In the summer, heat flows through the windows, causing your A/C to work extra. Cold air flows through the windows throughout the winter, lowering the inside temperature of your apartment. While replacing older windows with more energy-efficient ones would considerably reduce the amount of energy that may travel through the window panes, there are several less expensive alternatives to consider.

Window coverings can both add elegance to the interior of your condo and make it more energy-efficient. Drapes, blinds, and shades may help insulate your windows and keep cold air out during the winter and hot air out during the summer. Exterior awnings and overhangs can also assist to protect your windows from the weather and reduce the amount of energy that passes through the glass. These changes lower the strain on your heating and cooling systems, which has a direct influence on your energy expenditure.

Eliminate phantom energy burdens

A phantom load is created by an appliance or other electrical device that continues to use energy even when switched off. Install power strips and turn them off when you are not using the linked products to prevent this gradual leak of energy from exploding your energy bill. There are also “smart” power strips available that turn off automatically when not in use to eliminate phantom loads.

Organize your condo

Yes, cleaning may help you save money on your power bill. There are numerous areas in the house that, when cleaned, will allow your appliances and utilities to run more efficiently. When appliances operate effectively, they consume less energy. Here are a couple of such examples:

Before starting each load, empty the lint trap in your dryer.
Replace the furnace filters on a regular basis.
Clean the coils on your refrigerator.
Remove any sediment that has accumulated in your hot water heater.

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