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Christmas in the Philippines is certainly the most exciting. There are lanterns, Christmas carols, “Simbang Gabi,” family reunions, office parties, school parties, and house parties. However, for those of us who like the condo lifestyle, there are a few things to consider while organizing a Christmas party in a condo.

Planning engaging games to keep your guests interested throughout the night is a key step in making your Christmas party a success. Whether you’re searching for kid-friendly activities to keep the kids occupied or adult-only Christmas party activities, we’ve got you covered this season with a list of party ideas below. Choose your favorite Holiday party idea from the list below, or use them to spark your own creative activity. Don’t forget to get an early start on your holiday greeting cards and send joy to your neighbors’ and friends’ mailboxes.

With this list of entertaining activities, you can have the best Christmas party this year, from start to end.

Choosing a Game for a Condo Christmas Party

It’s easier than you think to choose the finest Christmas party game for your gathering. You can organize your entertainment after you know how many attendees will be present and what age groups they will be. When selecting the ideal game for your party attendees, consider the following questions:

How many people are expected to attend

Consider how many guests you plan to attend your Christmas party before selecting a game. The more people in the gathering, the more inclusive the game must be. If you have more than 20 visitors, you should play games that allow you to divide them into large groups.

Will there be children at the gathering?

Set separate activities for children and appoint a trustworthy chaperone to the children’s table. Adults will be able to enjoy themselves while playing favorite games in this manner.

Do most of the guests know each other?

If the majority of your guests don’t know each other, your response to this question is crucial since you’ll need to incorporate icebreaker activities. Icebreaker activities are entertaining and can help to lighten the tone so that everyone feels at ease when the party begins.

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White Elephant

This is a traditional Christmas gift exchange game that small to big parties enjoy playing. To play this game, tell each participant ahead of time that they should bring a wrapped gift to add to a general gift table. Each player then selects a present from the table one by one, with the ability to steal a gift from another player. When there are no more gifts on the table, the game is over.

Condo Christmas Party – Charades

Act out some of your favorite holiday activities in a festive game of Christmas charades for your guests (without saying a word). Decorating a tree, having snowball battles, ice skating, and other activities are all popular charades. On the internet, you may locate a variety of Christmas charade printouts to utilize as a reference for some of your favorite holiday scenarios.

Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay

Pictionary, the popular drawing game, is transformed into a festive relay with Christmas music. To play, participants must first obtain the name of the song from the game organizer and then sketch out their song. Based on their representative’s drawing, teams try to determine which song is the correct answer. After that, the team representative dashes back to the organizer to get another carol, and so on, until they’ve completed three rounds of Pictionary. The winning team is the one who properly guesses their three songs first.

Condo Christmas Party – Carol Bingo

Play a game of bingo with your friends and family, but instead of numbers, use a 44-card with classic Christmas symbols! To keep things easy, you may download a Christmas bingo printable.

Stocking Guessing Game

Surprise your visitors with Christmas stockings stuffed with strange items and ask them to guess what’s inside. The stocking can be felt but not seen inside. After the game, give the stocking to the winner with the most right guesses!

Name That Christmas Song

Divide your guests into two or three teams for the ultimate festive guessing game for your Christmas party. The goal of this competition is for teams to write down the name of a Christmas song after hearing one line of the song. Keep your answers ready because you’ll want to see whose team got the most right responses with the proper music.

Condo Christmas Party – Movie Trivia

Put your holiday guests to the test with a fun game on Christmas movies! To refresh everyone’s memory, ask questions like “What was the name of Rudolph’s father?” or “Why did the Grinch despise Christmas?”

Christmas Mad Libs

Provide players with Christmas mad lib worksheets to play a simple game of Christmas mad libs. Because this is a traditional storytelling game, remember to provide a prize to the person or team that tells the most entertaining narrative.

Gift Wrap Relay

It’s all about speed and presents in this game. Divide your guests into two teams and host a present wrapping relay this holiday season. Then, at opposite ends of the room, place two tables with unwrapped gifts and wrapping paper supplies. Guests will then run to their tables one by one to wrap a present as quickly as possible. When the winning team has wrapped all of their gifts, the game is over.

Decorating Christmas Cookies

Gather your loved ones around a cookie decorating table stocked with frosting, sprinkles, and edible Christmas decorations. This is a fun and inventive way to keep guests occupied and amused, especially during family-friendly Christmas gatherings. To provide guests with a range of decorating options and Christmas cookie ideas, stock up on a variety of toppings and festive icings.

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