6 Tips on Owning a Mid-rise Condo in the Philippines

Tips on Buying a Mid-rise Condo

If you are a property seeker looking specifically for condos for sale in the Philippines, you may have three options: low-rise, mid-rise, or high-rise condos. While the mid-rise condo falls between the two most popular condo types in the country, property seekers frequently overlook the fact that purchasing and owning a mid-rise condo provides the best of both low-rise and high-rise condo living.

A mid-rise condominium is one of the country’s most sought-after investments. Benefits are available to everyone — families, singles, expats, and even investors.

You are fortunate to be considering this type of condominium development in the country. However, before you purchase a condo unit in a mid-rise condo for sale, here are some buying tips for mid-rise condos.

What Exactly Is A Mid-Rise Condo?

In the Philippines, mid-rise condominiums are a type of housing in addition to single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. In contrast to apartments, where you can only rent, you can own a single condo unit within a building. Mid-rise condominiums are more affordable than high-rise condominiums—while still offering a variety of amenities such as parks, multipurpose halls, and parking areas.

Mid-rise condominiums are typically four to six stories tall, with fewer units and residents per building. These are frequently developed in urban areas to improve access to essential services such as schools, hospitals, and grocery stores.

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For Privacy and Security, Choose A Mid-Rise Condo

Choosing a Mid-rise Condo to Buy
Choosing a Mid-rise Condo to Buy | Camella Condo Properties

While condominiums may be cost effective and convenient, if you live in a high-rise building with more than 20 floors, you will share elevators and common areas with a large number of people.

A mid-rise condo, on the other hand, has fewer floors—providing increased privacy and security. Additionally, the low-density floor plan makes it more spacious and less congested.

Mid-rise condominiums are also frequently the first choice of empty nesters and retirees. This is an excellent choice, particularly if you’re looking for a low-key residence with a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

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Recognize The Advantages Of Purchasing A Mid-Rise Condo

You are accountable for every nook and cranny in a house, from replacing outdoor lighting to trimming the lawn. This can become stressful over time, especially if you are juggling a career and family responsibilities.

Living in a mid-rise condo is advantageous for ease of maintenance and convenience. Everything will be taken care of for you by the homeowner association, from garbage collection to amenity maintenance. This allows you to devote additional time to other maintenance and activities, such as decorating your unit.

Apart from that, a mid-rise condominium within a gated community is secured 24 hours a day. CCTV cameras are installed both inside and outside a building, and guards patrol the area 24 hours a day.

Mid-rise and low-rise condominiums frequently share the same expansive greenspaces or amenity areas as their high-rise counterparts. If you want to experience nature while living in a city, the best option is to purchase and own a mid-rise condo.

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Understand The Law Regarding Condominium Ownership

The law governing the ownership of condominium units is contained in Republic Act No. 4726, commonly referred to as the Condominium Act. This act enables foreign nationals to purchase condominium units. Additionally, it discusses other topics, such as selling your unit, using it as collateral for mortgage loans, and your owner rights.

Additionally, under the TRAIN Law, you can purchase condominium units worth less than Php 2 million pesos without paying additional tax. This information can help you save a significant amount of money that you can put toward purchasing furniture, household equipment, and other fixtures for your new unit.

Nonetheless, the best of these condominium developments are typically priced between Php 3-5 million pesos.

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Consider The Nearby Establishments in a Mid-rise Condo

Mid rise condominium development
Mid-rise Condominium Development | Camella Manors

The best feature of condominium living is its proximity to essential goods and services. Before you purchase your unit, take a look around the neighborhood for nearby schools, hospitals, grocery stores, and offices.

For example, Camella’s condo properties for sale are frequently located in Vistaland’s communicities, which are densely packed with the Vista Group’s commercial brands such as Coffee Project, AllDay Supermarket, AllHome, Bake My Day, and Vista Cinemas, among others.

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Select Gated Communities for Health and Safety

The new normal lifestyle necessitates that you have a safe place to live. This should be a primary consideration when selecting a condominium developer. While the majority of condos are easily accessible and conveniently located, not all are built within gated communities.

The advantage of living in gated communities is that social isolation is increased. Unauthorized guests will be restricted, and additional green space will be provided to reduce contact between tenants—while also providing cleaner air. Additionally, the homeowner association ensures that common areas are disinfected on a regular basis, keeping them clean and sanitary for your safety and peace of mind.

Consider Your Available Financing Options

If you require financial assistance, bank financing allows for payments over a period of up to twenty years. To be approved for this loan, you typically need a good credit score. Interest rates typically vary between banks, so it is prudent to inquire first.

Are You Interested in Owning a Mid-rise Condo in the Philippines?

Seven Camella Condos for sale in the Philippines
Seven Camella Condos for sale in the Philippines

If you’re considering purchasing a mid-rise condo in the Philippines, keep the tips above in mind to ensure a stress-free and convenient experience. When it comes to privacy, safety, and security, mid-rise condos in gated communities are the best option.

You may send an inquiry message here if you’re looking for a resort-themed, private, and secure condominium in the Philippines. Camella offers high-end and exclusive condominium properties for sale in the country’s most developed and emerging cities outside Metro Manila.

Camella Manors is Vista Land’s newest mid-rise condominium development to date. It was founded on the principle of creating an environment where staying in is as pleasurable as going out, which is more critical than ever in the “new normal” era. Camella Manors also benefits from the growing popularity of work-from-home opportunities, as the majority of Metro Manila residents relocate to their hometowns to pursue careers in a less congested environment.

The brand’s mission is to reimagine condominium living by focusing on five core values: prime location, suburban environment, security and wellness, value for money, and prudent home investment.

Camella Manors is poised to become the sector’s next major player, given the high demand for condominiums. Additionally, the brand is self-assured, making it an excellent investment for both investors and homeowners.

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