11 Essential Guest Room Items You Need to Have

Essential Items inside the Guest Room

If you have guests arriving, now is the time to tidy up, dust beneath the bed, and ensure you have all the necessary guest room items to ensure a most comfortable stay.

If you’re at a loss for how to host overnight guests in your home, take a cue from the best hotels and you’ll have a four-star guest room by Christmas!

Whether you have a full guest suite or a repurposed child’s bedroom, create a haven for your guests. If your guests feel as though they have their own space–a cozy “home base” within your home–they will feel more at ease during their stay.

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The Most Important Items for a Guest Room

The holidays have returned. Between meal planning, completing home projects, and getting the kids through school, you must consider the most dreaded task of all — preparing the guest room for your holiday guests.

While it may be used for storage for most of the year, it does not have to take hours to prepare for visitors. Today, I’ll demonstrate how to organize your guest room so that it’s ready to use at any time, leaving you with only a quick spruce up before your guests arrive.

Consider the following when designing your guest room: Consider the term “hotel room.” It may help paint a picture of what this space should include to acclimate your guests and avoid frequent requests.

Here are 11 must-have items for your guest room to ensure it is visitor-ready:

1. An Additional set of towels, blankets, and pillows

Extra Blankets for the Guest Room
Extra Blankets for the Guest Room

Every individual has unique requirements. Certain individuals prefer separate face and body towels. Certain individuals are perpetually cold. Others remain perpetually warm. Having these extras on hand ensures comfort regardless of one’s preferences or dislikes. If you lack closet or cabinet space for these items, roll them up and place them in baskets on the bed or floor.

2. Garbage can

Do not leave your guests wondering what to do with their luggage stickers, airline ticket stubs, or potato chip wrappers following their travels. With this simple must-have, you can avoid clutter building up in your room.

3. Timepiece

While most people have a cell phone, having a clock on hand is considerate and appreciated! Allow your guests to switch off their phones and use the alarm clock on their bedside table. Additionally, they may wish to know the time throughout the day without having to reach for their phone. Just as watches are making a comeback, each room should have a functional clock, as phone fatigue is a very real thing!

4. Clothes Storage

It’s natural to use your guest room as a catch-all for items that won’t fit anywhere else. However, when guests are expected, make sure to leave enough space for them to comfortably store their belongings, such as space for their bag(s) and a few outfits to hang. Additionally, be sure to include a few empty hangers. If you have a dresser, leave at least two drawers empty for the duration of your guests’ stay in town.

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5. Door hangers

These are the simplest methods for storing jackets, purses, and caps. Hooks are especially advantageous if your space is limited and there is no room for chairs (which is usually where things end up getting thrown).

6. Iron

This is a necessary item that is frequently overlooked. Your guests’ clothing is likely to be wrinkled because of their travels, so it’s nice to have their needs met before they have to inquire. Add an iron and an ironing board to your arsenal of guest room supplies. If you have a small space, you can purchase an ironing board that hangs over the door or a tabletop ironing board that can be placed on the bed, floor, or low dresser.

7. Tissues

Tissues Inside the Guest Room

We have lost count of the number of times guest rooms lack these, and it’s inconvenient to pull on strands of toilet paper as a substitute. A box of Kleenex is always useful, even more so during the winter and allergy seasons.

8. Basic Toiletries

Basic Toiletries
Basic Toiletries inside the Guest Room

While it is likely that your guests will bring their own personal toiletries, no one should be expected to bring their own basics. Maintain a supply of toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, soap, and lotion in their room or in the bathroom they will be using. Personalize them by storing them in a small decorative basket and including a note of welcome.

9. Full-length Mirror

Full Length Mirror Inside the Guest Room
Full Length Mirror Inside the Guest Room

A dresser mirror is ideal for applying makeup or accessorizing. However, who doesn’t want to see their entire outfit assembled before leaving home? Install a full-length mirror on an unused side of a wall or behind the room or closet door. Standing mirrors also make excellent decorative pieces if you have the space.

10. Hairdryer

While a hairdryer is a necessity for many people, it is not one that everyone packs due to its large size in a carry-on or suitcase. Maintain one in an easily accessible drawer in the room or in the bathroom.

11. Multiple lighting options

The overhead fixture should not be the only source of illumination in the room. Increase the coziness of the room by adding floor lamps or bedside reading lights.

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Get your Guest Room Ready for the Holidays

Red Living Room for the Holidays
Red Living Room for the Holidays | Photo from Unsplash

As you prepare to invite your family or loved ones into your condo this holiday season, it’s best to maintain a high level of hospitality by simply not ignoring your guests’ basic needs. To check these boxes, you can simply spend a night in your own guest room.

What appears to be an abstract problem becomes very tangible, and you’ll notice what’s missing or insufficient. To assist you in ensuring that your guest room is up to par.

This may seem like a lot to gather, but the good news is that once these items are in place, you’ll spend very little time (if any) getting your guest room ready for visitors the next time they visit. What about the bad news? If you do a good job of setting up these conveniences, your guests may overstay their welcome!

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